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Agusta A109E Power Helitalia I-MAFP ... operating on behalf of Regione Abruzzo - 118 Abruzzo Soccorso. Pescara Airport, April 2007.

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I-GELP Elilombardia ... resting at Clusone (BG), May 1987.

ZS-HDR Astra Helicopters (Pty) Ltd ... on display during Air Africa International event at Lanseria Airport, October 1977.

I-BLEU Consorzio Elicotteri Fininvest ... taking off form Imola Race Circuit, May 2004.

I-BPVV Elinord Servizi Aerotrasporti Milano ... performing test fligths at Calcinate del Pesce (VA), December 1987.

I-FREG Freeair ... wearing her original paint scheme while operating on behalf of 118 Regione Piemonte. Alessandria Airport, September 1998.

I-AMVC Air Service Center ... taking off from Linate ATA, September 1997.

I-ELEP Elilario ... in front of L.H.S. hangar in Colico (LC), May 1994.

I-TRED Vigili del Fuoco - Regione Trentino - Alto Adige ... Rifugio Pedrotti, Bocca di Brenta (TN), Year 1975.

I-MAFP Helitalia ... operating on behalf of Regione Abruzzo - 118 Abruzzo Soccorso. Pescara Airport, April 2007.

F-GCCZ Gazelle Secours Aerien Francais ... taking off from Courchevel Altiport, January 1990.

I-AGUG Agusta Elicotteri ... during a demo tour in Switzerland in 1962.

I-MGPE Elilario ... operating on behalf of Regione Lombardia - Pubbliche Assistenze - USL 75-9. Milano Ospedale Niguarda, May 1987.

I-EFCN ... wearing a new paint scheme at Nervesa della Battaglia (TV), June 2007.

I-AZOR Fire Wake Fly ... taking off from Linate ATA, September 1997.

I-COLA Elisystem ... resting at Rivanazzano (PV) after a long day of agricultural work, August 1989.

I-MINS Elifriulia ... resting inside Cividale del Friuli (UD) hangar, May 1975.

I-GLPB Elistar ... during heliski activity in Valmalenco (SO), February 1993.

I-SARB Eli Fly / Monacair ... operating on behalf of Monacair, during Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. Monaco Heliport, May 2001.

I-SEIE Agusta Elicotteri ... Milan Malpensa, October 1994.

I-FREI Freeair ... operating on behalf of 118 EMS Regione Piemonte. Novara, July 2003.

I-KARS Italfly ... resting at Trento Mattarello (TN), November 1990.

I-SEID C.S.A. ... operating on behalf of Regione Lazio - Consorzio Elisoccorso Lazio. Roma, Ospedale San Camillo, September 1994.

I-SEIQ Elilombarda ... operating on behalf of 118 Regione Lombardia. Milano Niguarda Ca' Granda Hospital, August 2002.

I-CIVA Airgreen ... operating on behalf of 118 Regione Valle d'Aosta. Ready for take-off from Torino CTO Hospital, March 1996.

I-AGUU Agusta Elicotteri ... departing from Le Bourget during 1975 Airshow. Le Bourget, July 1975.

I-MIPE Ali Europe ... operated during '97 summer season than cancelled to HB-XQI. Castano Primo (MI), August 1997.

VF-33 Vigili del Fuoco ... resting at Torino Caselle VVF Helipad, September 1994.

I-EMSI CSA Centro Sperimentale Aviazione ... Frosinone area, Mid '80s.

HB-XWA Rega ... getting ready at Locarno Magadino (TI) Rega base, July 2003.

I-SEIL Helitalia ... wearing 118 Ravenna Soccorso - Regione Emilia Romagna titles. Firenze Peretola, October 1995.

I-BNBH Elisystem ... taking off from Rivanazzano (PV), June 1991.

I-CMBR Società Aerea Piemontese ... September 1982.

I-MIST Italavia ... resting at Rivanazzano (PV), August 1986.

I-CAMA Camasud ... taking off from Venegono (VA), July 1983

I-EPWR Agusta Elicotteri ... test helicopter for new Turbomeca Arrius engine. Monteprandone (AP), July 2000.

I-MABR Elilombarda ... EMS Regione Lombardia - Ospedale Ca' Granda Niguarda, May 1998.

I-ANBE Air Service Center ... approaching Luino (VA), February 1991.

I-SHRA Eurogreen ... resting at Corvara (BZ), February 1991.

I-MDPB Elettronica Belmonte ... resting at Cervinia - Plateau Rosa [3480 mtrs], February 1991.

I-BNAC Eli Piazza ... Oltrepò Pavese, Summer 1986.

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