How to navigate the website.

General navigation / search informations.

The website is becoming larger day after day with thousand of pictures from Italy, Europe and Overseas.

For this reason and for the multiple variety of pages now available I thought that a sort of a guideline on “how to navigate the website” was needed.

First of all I want to underline that every time I update a page on the site it will be listed on the "Update Page". This is a good starting point to verify, after your access, the latest pages updated and the easy way to check them out, since all of them are directly linked from the “update” page itself.

Than you have the "Heli News" with all the latest news related to the Italian Market and the whole helicopter world … in the same way several links on this page will guide you directly to the latest additions.

Another way to get updated images is the "ROTORS" page … but here you will find ONLY the latest spotter images added to the site. It means clean lateral shots ONLY, as intended from a spotter point of view. 

Apart from these quick entry pages, the “WEBSITE SEARCH ENGINE” is another interesting tool. This search engine is available from the Website entry page, from the Helicopters Area entry page, from the "Heli News" Page, the "Update Page" and also from the "Helicopters Area SITE MAP" Page. You can search the site for any word, helicopter registration or type you like.

The "Helicopters Area SITE MAP" Page offers you a large tree with the titles of all the pages currently available on the site and a direct link to them.

The Helicopters PHOTO INDEX Page gives you an overview of the different “Main Sections” that I created to contain the dedicated Photo Pages … please spend a few minutes to practice with this page. This is the main gateway to the thousands of images already available for you.

 How to locate a specific helicopter.

If you are looking for a specific Italian helicopter, a machine built or operating in Italy, you have the "Italian Helicopters REGISTER"  section and the "Heli Production Lists" available for you. You can query these pages with the help of the Website Search Engine, or you can surf trough the different pages … all of them have direct links to hundred of monographical pages dedicated to the singles helicopters (please look to I-REDY page for example).

New features.

In addition to all these described features I also introduced, with the latest Event Reports (see "HEMS 2009 - Massa Cinquale" or "Camille") a new page layout that I really hope you will enjoy more and more. The transition to this new page layout will be smooth … at the moment I have no time left to upgrade the old pages, so I will only realize new pages with this format.

About this new layout I want to highlight the “slideshow” feature (on the top right side of each image page) and the “navigation tools” hidden behind each image (try on this linked page, move the cursor on the four directions staying on the image itself and try to actuate the nav tools).

 I really hope this page was helpful to better understand the website construction and the different possibilities I created to locate a specific image and information inside the website itself.


Any comment or feedback will be highly appreciated.


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