Heli Related Websites & Heli Enthusiasts Websites

This is my personal link page to other friends sites on the net …

for any further interesting add, please send me an email with some details.

I will update the following list with your suggested addresses.




Heli Rezia - San Vittore / Ambrì / Leysin, Switzerland.

Babylo - Caiolo (SO), Italy.

iFly Aviation, Italy

Consulenze Aeronautiche, Italy

Giovanni ODINO Website, Italy.

ROTORSPOT - Rotorcraft Registrations Database by Jos STEVENS, Holland.

ElicotteriWeb - By: Giaomo PIPOLI, Italy. 

Heli Archive - by Mario BAZZANI, Switzerland.


ElimaniaWeb.it - by: Giorgio GHERBASSI & Mauro CINI, Italy.

egidioferrighi.com - by: Egidio FERRIGHI, Italy.

The Aviation World of Markus Herzig - By: M. HERZIG, Switzerland

HeliOps Magazine ... New Zealand  

HELIONLINE.DE - by Joachim LIPPL, Germany.

Sky Tech Maintenance - Cuneo, Italy.


Nordic Rotors - By: Rickard GILLBERG, Sweden.

PIAZZAI Models - By: Maurizio PIAZZAI, Italy

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