Aerospatiale SA315B Lama ( c/n 2295 ) - mfg: 1972 - Reg. History: N62886, F-GEJU, I-MICU.

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I-MICU Eliossola ... at Verencio (VB), July 2007.

I-MICU Eliossola ... landing at Alpe Fornalino (2114 mtrs), Valle Bognanco (VB), August 2007. 

I-MICU Eliossola ... waiting with I-LAZZ in Ganna (VA), September 2004.

I-MICU Eliossola ... deep into the reeds ... "in action" during fire fighting on Monte Martica. Ganna (VA), September 2004.

I-MICU Eliossola ... leaving the base before sunrise in a very cold winter morning. Domodossola, January 2003.

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