Robinson R44 Clipper II ( c/n 11348 ) - mfg: 2006 - Reg. History: N30046, I-HUMA.

 I-HUMA Fly Venice ... wering an attaractive new livery at Venezia Lido Airport, July 2019.

 I-HUMA Fly Venice ... on the ramp with one DC3 at Venezia Lido Airport, July 2019.


 I-HUMA Heliar Venice ... at Padova Airport, September 2008.

 I-HUMA Heliar Venice ... in flight above Venezia Lagoon, September 2008.

 I-HUMA Heliar Venice ... taking off from Padova Airport, August 2008.

 I-HUMA Heliar Venice ... at Venezia Lido Airport, August 2008.

 I-HUMA Humanitas Salerno ... resting in Sulmona, March 2007.

 I-HUMA Humanitas Salerno ... wearing full titles and a slightly revised paint scheme. December 2006.

 I-HUMA Humanitas Salerno ... ready for flight in Sulmona (AQ), November 2006.

 I-HUMA Humanitas Salerno ... Salerno, November 2006.

 I-HUMA ... as soon after the arrival in Italy, still inside his shipping "woodden egg". October 2006.



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