Sud-Aviation SA315B Lama ( c/n 2525 ) - mfg: 1978 - Reg. History: N9002K, G-BMKT, I-DENY.

 I-DENY Airstar Elicotteri ... Giaros Island (Greece), April 2018.

I-DENY Airstar Elicotteri ... tail rotor close-up. Strevi (AL), May 2017.

I-DENY Airstar Elicotteri ... boarding the Ferry to Greece. Port of Ancona, September 2017.


I-DENY Airstar Elicotteri ... performing maintenance flights from S.W.S. mainbase. Strevi (AL), May 2017.

 I-DENY Airstar Elicotteri ... Amorgos Island (Greece), September 2017.


I-DENY Airstar Elicotteri ... resting at Fondotoce (VB) base, September 2015.

I-DENY Star Work Sky ... landing in Albenga after fire-fighting operations in the area, January 2007.


I-DENY Star Work Sky ... operating for Corpo Forestale, AIB Regione Sardegna, taking off from Pula (CA). August 2006.

I-DENY Star Work Sky ... cabin close-up.

I-DENY Star Work Sky ... approaching landing pad in Torriglia (GE), January 2007.

I-DENY Star Work Sky ... close-up view.Torriglia (GE), January 2007.


I-DENY Eli Alpi ... taking off from Trento Mattarello, May 1990.

I-DENY Eli Alpi ... resting in Sondrio (SO), January 1992.

I-DENY Eli Alpi ... TV transmission bridge copter at Monza Formula 1 Grand Prix, September 1994.








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