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Eurocopter SA365N3 Dauphin 2 NHC Northern Helicopter D-HNHA ... landing in Emden, October 2017.


AW139 Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Co. Ltd I-EASM [B-....].

 AW169 Heli-Service Gmbh D-HHTJ.

AW169 Heli-Service Gmbh D-HHFJ.

AW139 Monacair I-AWTK.

AW109SP Harrier Enterprises Ltd G-FRRN.

AW139 Ornge C-GYNF

AW189 Bristow Helicopters G-OENC.

AW169 Fox Helicopters Pty Ltd I-RAIL [VH-FOX 8].

AW139 Dubai Air Wing DU-142.

EC135P1 Lions Air / Skymedia HB-ZJD.

AW169 Starspeed Ltd I-PTFI.

AW169 Falcon Aviation I-RAIX.

AW139 Westpac Trust Rescue VH-ZXC.

AW139 Swedish Maritime Administration SE-JRN.

AW109SP JetHeli Ltd G-JTHU.

AW169 Leonardo Helicopters I-RAIJ.

AW169 Farborough Ltd G-VSKP.

H130 Monacair 3A-MVI.

AW109SP Doctor-Heli I-PTFP [JA07KG].

SA315B Heli-TV HB-ZMV [ex I-COOP].

A109E Inaer F-GPGR.

AW139 Westpac Trust Rescue VH-ZXA.

AW139 Hunter Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue Service Ltd I-PTFR [VH-ZXA].

EH101 Turkmenistan EZ-S714.

AS350B3 Everjets CS-HID.

AW169 Specialist Aviation Services Ltd I-RAIS [G-KSST].

AW139 Viking Helicopters D-HOAD.


AW139 Atlantic Airways OY-HIH.

 AS365N1 JCE Helicopteres F-GRRC [ex I-SINS].

AW189 Dubai Air Wing DU-101.

R22BII Altitude Helicopters N960SH.

EC175 N.H.V. OO-NSD.

AW139 A7-GCR.

AW139 CareFlight N265MM.

A109E Gwynt Cymru Ltd G-POTR.

EC155B1 Heli Holland PH-SHO.

AW139 Viking D-HOAB.

AW139 Helicol HK-5174.

AW169 Specialist Aviation Services Ltd / Children's Air Ambulance I-EASI [G-PICU].


A109K2 Air Transport Europe OM-ATP.


AW169 Airlist AS LN-OXH.

AW139 Ornge C-GYNZ.

AW169 Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance I-RAIF [SE-JRA].

AW119Kx Leonardo Helicopters N499SM.

AW169 Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance I-PTFQ [SE-JSG].

AW169 HeliKorea HL9627.

AW139 Kaan Air TC-HZG.

AW139 Bristow G-CJLB.

AW169 Heli Korea I-EASL [HL9631].

EC120B Rosegate Helicopter Services G-ZZZS

AW139 Westpac Trust Rescue VH-ZXB.

AW109SP Rega HB-ZRN.

AW139 Senegal Air Force 6W-HLA.

AW169 Leonardo Helicopters I-RAIS.

H175 Airbus Helicopters F-HCEI.

AW169 Heli-Service Gmbh D-HHTJ.

AW109SP Doctor-Heli I-EASU [JA70RC].

AW139 Babcock MCS Offshore G-MCSC [ex I-VEGC].

AW139 Weststar Aviation 9M-WAQ.


AW139 Tiriac Air YR-TIA.

AW189 Dubai Air Wing A6-AAA.

AW139 SwissJet HB-ZQK.

AS350BA Azure Helicoptere F-GIJP.

AW139 Koc Holdings TC-HSV.

MD500D Sarl Locas F-GJLX.

AB139 Gulf Helicopters I-AWCO.

AW139 Heliconia Offhore Helicopters F-HOGP.

AW139 Fireblade Investments Ltd ZS-EOS.

AW169 Essex & Herts Air Ambulance G-HHEM.


BK117C1 Heli-Service Gmbh D-HARK [ex I-AICO].

AW139 Babcock MCS Espana / SASEMAR EC-KLN.

AW169 Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance SE-JSG.

A109K2 Air Transport Europe OM-ATK.

AW169 Jetheli Ltd G-GETU.

AW169 Airlist AS LN-OXI.

AW109SP Modena Air Service LV-GWO.

AW189 Rosneft I-EASN [RA-01683].

AW189 Bristow G-CJNV.

AW139 Pakistan Gvmt I-EASH [SIX-055].

AW169 Leonardo Helicopters I-RAIG [PR-FGT].

S76A++ Aviapro SA HB-ZPP.

AW139 Babcock MCS Offshore G-PERB.

AW169 SAS / Children's Air Ambulance I-EASJ [G-TCAA].

AS350B2 CoyotAir EC-MCJ.

AW139 Swedish Maritime Administration SE-JRL.

A109AII One Zero Nine FTO Inc Trustee N109W [ex I-CRMD].

AW169 Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance G-DSAA.

AW169 Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance G-LNAC.

AW109SP Ion Aviation EI-IAL.

AW139 Armed Forces of Malta AS1630.

AW139 Babcock MCS Offshore G-MCSD [ex I-VEGB].

SA315B Heli-TV HB-ZVV [ex I-IRPI].

H175 Klaret Sky Leasing Ltd G-DLBR.

EC120B 4O-VIP.

AW109S RA-01700.

AW139 Atlantic Airways OY-HIL.

R44 Aero Club Monaco 3A-MAR.

AW169 Specialist Aviation Services Ltd G-KSST.

AS350B3 TAF Helicopters EC-KNG.

AW139 Armee de l'Air Burkina Faso I-EASY.

AW139 R.M.A.F. CN-MMS.

 AW189 Vietnam Helicopters (VNH South) I-RAIW.

AW139 Qatar Life Flight QA101.

AW139 Viking D-HOAC.

B412EP Agrarflug Helilift D-HAFE.

EC145 Babcock MCS Espana EC-MNT.

AW139 Bristow Nigeria 5N-BTW.

AW169 Global Vectra Helicorp I-EASX [VT-...].

AW189 Rosneft I-RAIQ [RA-....].


AW169 Falcon Aviation I-RAIF [A6-FHG].

AW139 Frozendale Ltd M-SHRM.

EC155B1 DC Aviation T7-ALF.

AW169 Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance SE-JSG.

AW139 Toll Aviation VH-TJF.

AW169 CMCL Limited Partnership G-CMCL.

AW139 N33WX.

B412 Heli Austria / Skymedia OE-XHT.

AW139 Heli-Service Gmbh D-HHXH.

AW169 Vertical Aviation No1 Ltd G-CJHA.

AW169 Tohoku Denryoku I-EASK [JA169T].

AS350B3 Everjets CS-HIG [ex I-AMVN].

AW139 Polis Diraja Malaysia [Royal Police] I-EASH.

AW139 Atlantic Airways I-EASY [OY-HIL].

AS350B3 Eagle Valais HB-ZGV.

AW139 Crotia Police I-EASM.

AW139 Viking Helicopters D-HOAD.

AW109SP Skol Airline I-EASU [YL-HSS].

R44I RA-04182.

AW109SP Sloane Helicopters I-PTFP [G-ZIOO].


AS350B1 Heli Securite F-HMER.

AW139 HM Coast Guard G-CIJX.

AW109SP Chartright Air Inc. C-FGEP.

 AW189 Falcon Aviation Service A6-FHC.

MD500N Airport Helicopter AHB HB-ZTI.

S61N Irish Coast Guard EI-CRG.

S76A Helijet C-GHJL.

A109E Tristate Careflight N508CF [ex I-FREI].

AS365N3 NHC Northern Helicopter D-HNHA [ex I-LOBE].

AS350B2 9H-PTM.

AW139 Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Co. Ltd I-PTFS [B-....].

AW139 Heli Service D-HHSH.

AW139 Gruppo Lomex / Asesa XA-AQA.

AW109S Castle Air Ltd G-LITO.

AW189 Rosneft I-RAIU [RA-....].

AW139 Babcock MCS Espana / SASEMAR I-PTFR [EC-MRJ].

BK117C1 African Parks Aviation Inc N13HB.

AW109SP Modena Air Service LV-GWP.


AW139 GG Hangar Gmbh I-PTFR [OE-XGD].

AW169 SAS / Children's Air Ambulance I-EASJ [G-TCAA].

AW139 Babcock MCS Offshore G-PERA.

AW169 Heli-Service Gmbh I-EASX [D-HHFJ].

AW139 Toll Aviation VH-TJJ.

AW109SP Rega HB-ZRS.

S76B Viking D-HOSF.

AW169 Leonardo Helicopters I-RAIX.

A109E Air Methods / Mercy Air N129AR.

AW169 Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance G-LNAC.

AW109SP Saxonair Charter Ltd G-KLNH.

AW139 Pakistan Army [I-EASM] 16-062.

AW109SP Alba Aviation Limited G-PIFZ.

AW139 Kenya Police Wing I-EASZ [5Y-NPS].

SA332C1 Airlift LN-OBX [ex I-EMEB].

AW189 Dubai Air Wing A6-AAA.

AW139 SwissJet HB-ZUV.

AW169 Fox Helicopters Pty Ltd I-RAIS [VH-FOX].

EC135P2 Japat AG HB-ZIZ.

AW139 Koc Holdings TC-HSV [I-EASZ].


AW139 Ornge C-GYNN.

 AW189 Falcon Aviation Service A6-FHB.

AW119Ke Heli Czech OK-MAC.

S76A Helijet C-GHJJ [ex I-RMDV].

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