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Thanks to Emanuele RIZZARDI for sharing this fantastic image shot by his father Tarcisio during mid 70’s. The Agusta-Bell AB47J3B1 Super Ranger operated by Vigili del Fuoco – Regione Trentino – Alto Adige I-TRED was resting at Rifugio Pedrotti, Bocca di Brenta (TN), Year 1975.

During the last few months four (4) new Airbus Helicopters H125s [As350B3e] were registered in Italy:

I-RASH Elifriulia Srl

I-HELT Heliwest

I-GRDD Star Work Sky

I-MGII Operated by Elitellina [Owned by Elisystem]

We are looking for pictures to implement the dedicated helicopter data sheets.