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“HORUS” helicopters are now flying for AREU Lombardia.

During recent weeks all five AREU 118 Lombardia helicopters received a dedicated name … here the details:

  • Base Bergamo – “HORUS 1”
  • Base Brescia – “HORUS 2”
  • Base Como – “HORUS 3”
  • Base Milano – “HORUS 4”
  • Base Sondrio – “HORUS 5”

… the name and the logo were an idea of Ottavio CECILI that was afterward adopted by the Azienda Regionale Emergenza Urgenza (AREU).

Info from AREU – Lombardia official twitter account.

WEBSITE NEWS: APROC 2017 Photo Report Page was Published on date 13 July 2017. Thanks to the “2° Stormo – Rivolto” for the kindness of their staff and for the opportunity given to Luca GRANZINI in order to realize this complete photographical coverage of the vent help in Rivolto (UD), during the month of June 2017.