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CSX81968 / CC-01 – Italian Rotors

Leonardo Helicopters AW139 ( c/n 31880 ) CSX81968 / CC-01

Thanks to Tiziano CAPENTI for this image of the first Carabinieri‘s AW139 CSX81968 / CC-01 … performing pre-delivery maintenance flights in Venegono (VA), October 2019.

One day with … Elicompany. Budrione di Carpi (MO), 1 July 2018

One day with … Elicompany. Budrione di Carpi (MO), 1 July 2018

Another complete Photo Report Page is now online … following the first official demo display of the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X in Italy. the Event was held at Elicompany‘s mainbase in Budrione di Carpi (MO), on date 1 July 2018. Enjoy the complete report.

75th D-DAY Anniversary – Duxford Aerodrome, Cambridgeshire, 4-5 June 2019 – New Photo Report Page

Another Photo Report Page is now online … a huge selection of 230 images from two days spent at Duxford Aerodrome, Cambridgeshire, during the 75th D-DAY Anniversary. “DAKS OVER DUXFORD” and “DAKS OVER NORMANDY” were two unique events … enjoy the the pictures of these days.

I-AGUG – Helicopter History

Thanks to Mario BAZZANI / for this unique image of the Agusta-Bell AB204B I-AGUG … performimg a demo tour in Switzerland, on behalf of Agusta Elicotteri, in order to promote the new machine. Jungfraujoch Area, Summer 1962.

  • Leonardo signs new Distributor Agreement with Absolute Aviation Group. The group also signed a contract for an AW119Kx and an AW109 Trekker
  • The first South African order for the AW109 Trekker builds on the established success of the AW109 series for a range of roles in the country
  • The AW119Kx successfully performed a demo tour in South Africa to show its unique capabilities
  • An additional order by a private operator for a VIP AW139 expands Leonardo’s helicopter fleet in South Africa with more than 60 units of various models in service today

PRESS RELEASE – Rome, 22 October 2019

Leonardo announced today the signing of a Distributorship Agreement with Absolute Aviation Group in South Africa for the civil and commercial market.

The Agreement, which has the potential to be extended to other Southern African nations in the future, includes the AW119Kx single engine, the AW109 GrandNew and AW109 Trekker light twins, the AW169 light intermediate and the AW139 intermediate twin types. Absolute Aviation Group has also signed a contract for an AW119Kx and an AW109 Trekker, with a commitment to purchase further units from the various models in the next couple of years. Deliveries of the two aircraft are expected in 2020. The order marks the entrance of the AW109 Trekker, the newest light twin model in the Leonardo product range, into the South African market and builds on the significant, well established success of other AW109 variants in the country for a variety of roles. This latest AW119Kx order also grows the presence of the unique single engine helicopter in the country. A ten-day demo tour of an AW119Kx was recently completed at airports in four different regions in South Africa to showcase its extraordinary capabilities in terms of performance, advanced avionics, reliability, and versatility. The demonstrations have been deemed a significant success by those attending, accounting for nearly 50 operators who have been given the opportunity to experience its best-in-class performance and power margins, the capability to fly and carry out its mission in demanding windy conditions, in addition to its outstanding safety standards. Leonardo helicopters’ success in South Africa is further strengthened by the recent contract for an AW139 helicopter in VIP configuration by a private operator. Over 60 helicopters of various models fly in the country today for both civil and government roles including VIP/corporate transport, emergency medical service, oil and gas, harbour pilot shuttle transportation, utility and naval tasks.


Thanks to Davide PERNICI for these images of the Airbus Helicopters EC145T2 Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia I-PEBZ “Pelikan 1” … operating on behalf of 112 Elisoccorso Alto Adige at  Costalovara (BZ), October 2019.

CSX81963 [NAF-…] – WORLD ROTORS update

Thanks to Andrea PINTO and Tiziano CAPENTI for these images of the Leonardo AW109E Power CSX81963 … wearing large sticker “A109E 11847 LAST ONE” in Vergiate (VA), June 2019 … and wearing the full Nigeria Air Force colors in Venegono, October 2019.

ELIMONZA 2019 – New Photo Report Page

Thanks to Oscar BERNARDI for his contribution in order to realize this new Photo Report Page with full coverage of the ELIMONZA 2019 Heli Shuttle Service … Monza Race Circuit (MB), 8 September 2019.