Thanks to Egidio FERRIGHI for this image of the Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil I-AIRK operated by Airgreen on behalf of on behalf of AIB Regione Sardegna … resting at Bosa (OR), August 2019.

Another image from the past … Agusta A109C I-SEIL operated by Helitalia on behalf of 118 Ravenna Soccorso – Regione Emilia Romagna, resting at Firenze Peretola, October 1995. This helicopter flew in Italy from 1992 till 1996 and afterward was exported to Malaysia as 9M-PBH.

Agusta-Bell AB47G2A1 ( c/n 1621 ) > CG47G2A1 ( c/n 001 ) I-PNIK

Thanks to Silvano ZAMPIERI for this beautiful image of the newly registered CG47G2A1 [former Agusta-Bell AB47G2A1] I-PNIK. This helicopter was rebuilt as “Costruzione Amatoriale” from an original AB47G2A1 (c/n 1621) previously registered as MM80433 / EI-62 built in 1957.

Agusta-Bell AB47G2A1 ( c/n 1621 ) > CG47G2A1 ( c/n 001 ) I-PNIK
Agusta-Bell AB47G2A1 ( c/n 1621 ) > CG47G2A1 ( c/n 001 ) I-PNIK
1000th AW139 Delivery Celebration Cerimony … Leonardo Helicopters Facility – Vergiate (VA), 20 September 2019

Now online the complete Photo Report Page of the 1000th AW139 Delivery Celebration Cerimony … held at Vergiate facility on date 20 September 2019. 115 new images available in a unique gallery to visit and enjoy.

Thanks to Francesco & Gianfilippo COLASANTO for this complete report of the Heli-Expo 2019 event held in Atlanta, GA, in March 2019. 180 new images covering all the moments of the exposition.

Leonardo Helicopters AW169 ( c/n 69013 ) EI-FNT

Thanks to Daniel VERONESI for this image of the Leonardo AW169 EI-FNT operated from Elitaliana as “Pegaso 21” on behalf of ARES 118 Regione Lazio … Fonte di Papa (RM), June 2018.

Another great “in-operation” image of the Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia‘s Leonardo Helicopters AW139 I-ROAV … operating on behalf of HEMS 118 Regione Toscana at Monte Capanne, Isola d’Elba, September 2019.

  • The first VIP AW109 Trekker for the European market is destined for the United Kingdom where Leonardo has a fleet of almost 100 VIP helicopters
  • Leonardo has a global fleet of over 830 VIP helicopters performing private, charter, scheduled, corporate transport, air-taxi, tourism and VVIP transport
  • With skids and high levels of customization, the AW109 Trekker is slated to increase Leonardo’s impressive VIP market share (44% in twin engines)

PRESS RELEASE – Monte Carlo, 25th September 2019

The first Leonardo AW109 VIP Trekker helicopter for a European customer debuts today at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The Monaco Yacht Show (25 to 28 September) is one of the most important international luxury yacht showcases. After the show, the VIP Trekker will fly to the United Kingdom for delivery thanks to Sloane Helicopters, Leonardo’s distributor for over twenty years in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The privately-owned aircraft will be operated by Apollo Air Services, available for VIP charter market.

The AW109 Trekker is the newest model within Leonardo’s light twin-engine helicopter range. The Trekker joins a fleet of Leonardo VIP helicopters that lead the UK and Irish market: almost 100 aircraft with nearly 90% represented by the AW109 series (Power, Grand and GrandNew). This market is second only to Brazil where about 130 Leonardo VIP helicopters fly amongst 400 San Paolo helipads. The helicopter maker and the distinguished Italian Style of its VIP helicopter design are embraced around the world, boasting a 44% global share in the twin-engine VIP helicopter market.

The Company’s fleet of 2,300 civil helicopters are used for law enforcement, offshore transport, utilities, search and rescue and VIP / corporate transport. More than 830 aircraft carry out a range pf passenger transport missions including private, charter, scheduled flights, corporate, air-taxi, tourism, VVIP. Leonardo’s VIP helicopter models all share a strong commitment to high performance, versatility, safety, reliability, support and training services, design and a high level of customization. The Company features the largest range of executive, corporate and government transport helicopters including the AW119Kx single engine 1.8 tonne, the AW109 series, the AW169, AW139, AW189 and the three-engine 16 tonne.

With the AW109 Trekker Leonardo is destined to increase its notable market share, thanks to features that combine the qualities of the AW109 Grand—long recognized by operators— Company General Use including its spacious cabin, state-of-the-art Genesys Aerosystems avionics and skids, particularly suitable for landing on yachts. The combination is unmatched in terms of cost/effectiveness, technology and performance. Sloane Helicopters will be maintaining two AW109 Trekkers in UK. Building on the qualities that have made the AW109 series the benchmark helicopters in its category, Sloane will be performing demonstration flights with the new Leonardo light twin inviting operators to learn more about its unique characteristics.