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Agusta A109K2 ( c/n 7340 ) I-DACE

Thanks to Oscar BERNARDI for this image of the “pre-serie” Agusta A109K2 ( c/n 7340 ) registered I-DACE … on display to the public during “MAV 1997” at Vergiate (VA), October 1997. This helicopter was originally built as A109AII, than converted to the A109K standards … and subsequently modified up to the A109K2 version.

Very sad news was received today from a friend in Slovakia.

One of the ex-REGA Agusta A109K2s, operated now by Air Transport Europe Ltd. Poprad, Slovakia encountered a fatal crash in the mountainous terrain of tourist resort Kláštorisko, about 20 km southeast from Poprad, on late afternoon of 17 JUL 2015.
The A109K2, registration OM-ATB (ex HB-XWI, serial nbr.10009), was on the way to the injured 10-years old boy when hit power lines and felt down about 100 m to the gorge of the river Hornad.
All persons on board, the pilot (44 years old), medicine doctor (45 years old), paramedic/winch operator (34 years old) and mountain rescuer (37 years old), perished in the crash.

Investigation to determine all details of the accident is in progress.

Our deepest condolences to their families and friends.