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During the last few months four (4) new Airbus Helicopters H125s [As350B3e] were registered in Italy:

I-RASH Elifriulia Srl

I-HELT Heliwest

I-GRDD Star Work Sky

I-MGII Operated by Elitellina [Owned by Elisystem]

We are looking for pictures to implement the dedicated helicopter data sheets.

Heli-Austria is finalizing “FastFin” modifications to both AS350B3e Ecureuils OE-XAE and OE-XBE. This very interesting modification will improve flight carachteristcs of the helicopters … more detailed info are available directly at BLR Aerospace website ( Thanks to Roy KNAUS for these “on-going maintenance” images from Heli-Austria hangars.

JUNE 2016

New helicopters registered in Italy:

I-HBSB Airbus Helicopters H125  … operated by Star Work Sky.

I-HECO Finmeccanica Helicopter Division AW139 … operated by Inaer Aviation Italia.

I-CROP Robinson R44 Raven II … operated by Ariane Srl [ex F-HVAR, I-HIDI].