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  • Training Academy expected to be completed in 2020 to deliver the widest scope of ground/flight training for pilots, cabin crews and maintainers
  • World’s first AW609 tiltrotor and first US AW169 helicopter Full Flight Simulators plus advanced digitalized services
  • Strong commitment to crew safety, mission effectiveness, customer proximity and advanced services, in line with Company’s Industrial Plan

Atlanta, 5th March 2019 – Leonardo announced today at Heli-Expo 2019 a substantial reinforcement of its helicopter training capabilities and services in the USA with the establishment of a new Training Academy within its production facility in Philadelphia. The new purpose-built campus is expected to be completed in 2020. With a 65 million USD multiyear investment, the new Training Academy will meet the increasing demand for comprehensive training services for pilots, cabin crew and maintenance technicians as the North and Latin America helicopter fleet grows. In 2018 over 10,000 students have been trained by Leonardo worldwide.
The Training Academy will also introduce a full set of dedicated services for the global customers of the AW609 tiltrotor, as mass production starts ahead of FAA civil certification, and the first US AW169 light intermediate helicopter Full Flight Simulator, both developed in collaboration with CAE and based on the CAE 3000 Series FFS. The Training Center will also host Rotorsim USA, a Leonardo-CAE joint venture which has delivered nearly 250,000 training hours for Leonardo helicopters products.
The 60,000 square ft US Training Academy will fully mirror Italy’s Sest Calende training syllabus approach from ground to flight training, providing a one-stop-shop for digitalized course, flight, simulation, mission specific and maintenance training. This will include all new classrooms, customer lounges, AW119/AW139/AW609 Maintenance Training Bays, AW109/AW139/AW609 Virtual-Enhanced Training Devices an AW169/AW139/AW609 Level D Full Flight Simulators. The new devices will enable real-time analysis of student progress and development. This will ensure knowledge and competency of each student is continually monitored to deliver the best learning outcomes for maximized mission effectiveness and safety. Leonardo continues to be driven by a clear commitment to improve safety, crew effectiveness and customer proximity combined with the latest technology, in line with the Industrial Plan. The new facility also represents an added testament of the Company’s focus on the US as a key home market. Thousands of students will benefit from this new Training Academy across Leonardo’s rotorcraft product portfolio. The first home for tiltrotor commercial aviators, Leonardo is proving a game- changer in helicopter customer support and training.

HELI-EXPO 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – 28 February 2018


  • Contracts signed by Sino-US, the exclusive distributor of Leonardo in the Chinese civil and commercial helicopter market, for 7 AW119Kx, 15 AW109 Trekker and 4 AW139 helicopters valued more than 120 million euro with deliveries in 2018 and 2019
  • Latest orders follow those made in the last two years for 65 aircraft, particularly for EMS helicopters, confirming Leonardo as the leading helicopter supplier in China in both 2016 and 2017, the company with the largest deployed EMS helicopter fleet, and Sino-US as the national distributor with best performance.
  • Leonardo set a new yearly record delivery in China with 30 units shipped in 2017
  • More than 200 helicopters of various types produced by Leonardo have been sold to Chinese customers to date for a range of both commercial and public services​

Leonardo announced today that Sino-US Intercontinental Helicopter Investment (Sino-US) of China has signed contracts for additional 26 helicopters, including 7 AW119Kx single engine, 15 AW109 Trekker light twins and 4 AW139 intermediate twins with deliveries expected to start this year through to 2019. The contracts are valued in excess of 120 million euro.

The orders follow a series of contracts, particularly for EMS helicopters, signed by Sino-US in recent years which include 25 AW119Kx single engines and a mix of 30 AW139s and AW169s in 2016, followed by 10 AW109 Trekkers in 2017. These latest orders strengthens the collaboration between Leonardo Helicopter and Sino-US in China, including Hong Kong and Macau. The presence of Leonardo in China grows stronger with more than 200 helicopters sold to Chinese customers of various types to date for a range of both commercial and public services, while maintaining its leading role in the EMS market. Leonardo has set a new yearly delivery record in the Chinese market with 30 units in 2017. With further deliveries planned in the next couple of years, Chinese civil operator Kingwing would become one of the largest for Leonardo helicopters worldwide.

PRESS RELEASE – 7 February 2018

Leonardo expands its presence in Bangladesh helicopter market.

  • Three AW109 Trekker and two AW119Kx helicopters to be delivered in 2018 to Bashundhara Airways.
  • Leonardo’s footprint in the market expanding to over 30% of turbine helicopters.
  • Bashundhara Airways also to become exclusive distributor and a Service Centre for
    Leonardo civil helicopters in Bangladesh.

Singapore, 07 February 2018 – Leonardo is expanding its share of the growing Bangladeshi helicopter market with the announcement, during Singapore Air Show, of the upcoming delivery of five helicopters to Bashundhara Airways, comprising three AW109 Trekkers and two AW119Kx. The helicopters will be used for EMS, utility, law-enforcement, surveillance, VIP, corporate & passenger transport applications and are all scheduled to be delivered before the end of 2018 bringing Leonardo’s market share to exceed a 30%. Furthermore, Bashundhara Airways has been appointed exclusive distributor of Leonardo civil helicopters in Bangladesh and will establish a Service Centre for the Country, thus beginning a fruitful collaboration. The appointment marks another step in Leonardo’s ongoing expansion of its customer support network around the world, establishing centers close to customers to provide quicker and better services.

Leonardo already has an established presence in Bangladesh with government customers operating helicopters – including twin-engine AW139s with the Bangladesh Air Force and AW109Mss with the Navy – and other defence and security systems. Bashundhara Airways is part of Bashundhara Group, one of the largest conglomerates of Bangladesh. Leaded by the dynamic leadership of Managing Director Mr. Safwan Sobhan, the company, debuted in late 2016 great vision to be one of the remarkable & extraordinary air service providers of south-east Asia, being the most cost-effective & upholding uncompromised safety, unmatched quality & unbroken commitments. Bashundhara Airways is working with the Bangaldesh government to establish the first & only private heliport in the heart of Dhaka. The AW119Kx is a best in class single engine helicopter featuring a ‘state-of-the-art’ avionics system for enhanced situational awareness, mission effectiveness and safety. Nearly 300 AW119 helicopters have been ordered to date in almost 40 countries by over 120 customers. The AW109 Trekker is the latest addition to Leonardo’s helicopter portfolio and the company’s first light twin to offer skid landing gear. Featuring modern modular avionics it can be easily configured for a wide range of roles and is the ideal solution for EMS, utility, SAR, law enforcement, surveillance and passenger transport applications. Orders for over 40 AW109 Trekkers have been logged so far by customers in Europe, North America and Asia to perform roles like emergency medical service, law enforcement and utility missions.


Altitude Air to conduct demonstration flight with Koala helicopter.

March 24, 2017 – Kathmandu

Altitude Air, recently registered charter helicopter operator of Nepal has landed a Koala series helicopter at the eastern helipad of TIA yesterday. The Leonardo Helicopter/Augusta Westland Koala AW119 with registration N499SM of US landed at VNKT for Experimental and Demonstration Flight for the helicopter operator.

As been reported, the helicopter had landed TIA at 1:50 pm yesterday. The helicopter had arrived Kathmandu from Philadelphia, U.S.A via Lucknow, India.

Altitude Air plans to commence the experimental and demonstration flight to test the performance of the Koala series in Nepalese sky with the arrived helicopter.

According to a source, authorities of Altitude Air are currently working on with documentation procedure needed to be submitted to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to commence the demonstration flight.

Altitude Air currently conducts its flight operation with an Airbus AS 350 B3e helicopter and plans to add two Koala series helicopter after the success of the demonstration flight. The heli-operator also aims to add additional Airbus AS 350 B3e helicopter to its fleet.

Photo courtesy Leonardo Helicopters.

ANSV NEWS: Inconveniente grave ad un elicottero in Val d’Aosta.
Mercoledì 15 aprile, a Sarre (AO), l’elicottero AW119 marche I-PHAS, impegnato in attività di lavoro aereo, urtava contro alcuni cavi di una linea di bassa tensione, riportando lievi danni al rotore principale.
Incolumi i due occupanti.
Aperta l’inchiesta di sicurezza dall’ANSV per inconveniente grave.



Incidente in Valle d’Aosta ad un elicottero.

8 February 2015 – Fonte ANSV

Con riferimento all’incidente occorso nel pomeriggio di oggi 8 febbraio, all’elicottero AW119 Koala marche I-AWCD, in fase di atterraggio in località Valgrisenche, l’ANSV comunica di aver aperto l’inchiesta di sicurezza di competenza. Ferito il pilota. Danni all’aeromobile.


Cade elicottero in Valgrisenche, ferito il pilota.

Il velivolo schiacciato a terra da un colpo di vento ha provocato una valanga. Coinvolto un gruppo di scialpinisti con le guide. Due sono stati trasportati in ospedale e poi dimessi.

Aosta – 08/02/2015 di Daniele Genco / Fonte:

Un elicottero della Pellissier Helicopter di Aosta, impegnato in attività eliski, a causa di una raffica di vento particolarmente forte che l’ha colpito durante la fase di decollo, è stato «schiacciato» verso terra e sbattuto contro il pendio, nell’urto si è ribaltato.

L’incidente è avvenuto poco prima delle 14 in località Ormelune di Valgrisenche. Dall’elicottero erano da poco scesi due turisti trasportati nell’alta Valgrisenche per la pratica dell’eliski. A bordo del velivolo c’era soltanto Dario Faris, 44 anni, di Châtillon, esperto pilota che in passato ha fatto parte dell’equipe del Soccorso alpino valdostano. Faris è stato soccorso da alcune guide alpine che si trovavano nella zona insieme con i loro clienti.  

Trasportato con l’elicottero del Soccorso alpino valdostano, all’ospedale Parini di Aosta, al pilota i medici hanno riscontrato un trauma cranico e alcuni contusioni. Le sue condizioni, secondo il bollettino medico, non sarebbero gravi, ma per via del trauma cranico, resterà per qualche giorno in osservazione in ospedale.

Il ribaltamento dell’elicottero sulla neve di Ormelune ha però provocato un distacco di neve di medie dimensioni che ha travolto un gruppo di scialpinisti che si trovava a valle con le guide alpine. Due di loro sono stati travolti dalla valanga, ma sono stati subito recuperati dalle guide e dai compagni di escursione, alcuni stranieri. Dopo la visita medica i due scialpinisti sono stati dimessi. 

Sull’incidente dell’elicottero è stata aperta un’inchiesta.