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From 1st of August the Airgreen‘s Leonardo Helicopters AW169 I-ROBS is operating on behalf of HEMS 118 Regione Piemonte from Cuneo Levaldigi Airport. Thanks to Loris DELPIANO for this image taken at Alba Hospital (CN) during August 2017.

PRESS RELEASE – 11 Agosto 2017


  • Tre AW169 e un GrandNew destinati ad operatori brasiliani per trasporto executive
  • Sono quasi 20 gli elicotteri di nuova generazione AW169 ordinati nel Paese fino ad oggi
  • Leonardo conferma la leadership nel mercato mondiale degli elicotteri VIP bimotore con una quota del 50%

Roma – 11 agosto 2017 – Leonardo ha annunciato oggi nuovi successi per i propri elicotteri executive in Brasile che rafforzano ulteriormente la leadership dell’Azienda nel Paese e sul mercato mondiale per questa applicazione operativa.

Gli ordini riguardano in particolare tre AW169 e un GrandNew per altrettanti clienti VIP brasiliani che espandono ulteriormente la presenza di Leonardo sul mercato elicotteristico del Paese sudamericano dove fino ad oggi sono state vendute quasi 200 macchine di vario tipo per diversi impieghi commerciali, militari e di pubblica utilità.

Gli elicotteri leggeri bimotore della serie GrandNew e AW109 vantano un solida presenza in Brasile. La combinazione di avanzate caratteristiche di tipo tecnologico e prestazionale, insieme all’elevato livello di confort e sicurezza, fanno del GrandNew la soluzione ideale per il trasporto VIP/corporate in Brasile e nel mondo. Sono oltre 360 le unità vendute fino ad oggi a più di 220 clienti in quasi 40 Paesi.

Il Brasile offre anche grandi opportunità per il più recente AW169. Degli oltre 160 elicotteri di questo tipo venduti fino ad oggi nel mondo infatti, quasi 20 sono destinati al mercato brasiliano. L’elicottero di nuova generazione AW169 si è dimostrato capace di soddisfare appieno le nuove esigenze degli operatori e presenta molteplici innovazioni anche per la sicurezza. Nuove soluzioni tecnologiche sono state adottate per i rotori, i motori, l’avionica, la trasmissione e i sistemi di alimentazione e questo modello è in grado di trasportare nella sua confortevole cabina fino a dieci passeggeri.

Grazie alle prossime consegne dei suoi nuovi modelli e alla crescita della presenza in Brasile e in Sud America, Leonardo conferma la sua leadership sul mercato mondiale degli elicotteri VIP bimotore con una quota del 50%.


PRESS RELEASE – 26 July 2017


  • The contract is expected to be signed in August 2017 and includes procurement of three aircraft plus three options and a 10 year maintenance package
  • The aircraft will perform various roles including observation, surveillance, special operations team transport and airborne sniping to counter terrorism and other crimes
  • Over 160 agreements, including orders and options, have been signed by almost 70 customers in approximately 30 nations worldwide to date

Leonardo welcomes the decision by the Norwegian Police Directorate to choose the AW169 as their new law enforcement helicopter following a tender for their helicopter service modernization programme. The contract, expected to be signed in August 2017, will include three aircraft, with an option for a further three units, and a 10 year maintenance package.

The new aircraft will enable the Norwegian Police to enhance their capabilities and readiness to counter various threats such as terrorism and other crimes, delivering greater range than the current helicopters in service and rapid response over shorter ranges  from other bases when necessary. The AW169s will perform a range of tasks including observation, surveillance, special operations team transport and airborne sniping, ensuring high versatility with quick and easy reconfiguration between roles. The specific layout of the Norwegian Police’s helicopters will allow the transport of six people plus crew.

Leonardo Helicopters PRESS RELEASE – 19 June 2017


  • Contract for 17 helicopters comprising 2 AW119Kx, 10 AW109 Trekker and 5 AW139 models valued in excess of €100 million with deliveries starting this year
  • Sino-US Intercontinental becomes the exclusive Leonardo Helicopters distributor for the Chinese civil, commercial and offshore helicopter market (including Hong Kong and Macau)
  • Nearly 200 helicopters have been sold in China to date, half of them to Sino-US Intercontinental

Leonardo and Sino-US Intercontinental Helicopter Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced today a further reinforcement of their strategic cooperation in the Chinese helicopter market. During an official ceremony held at the Paris Air Show, the parties announced the signing of a contract for the purchase of 17 helicopters comprising 2 AW119Kxsingle engine, 10 AW109 Trekker light twin and 5 AW139 intermediate twin engine models. The order is valued in excess of €100 million, with deliveries starting later this year.

The contract was signed in the framework of a Distributorship Agreement renewal, which also foresees the purchase of additional aircraft in the next three years, and makes Sino-US Intercontinental the exclusive distributor for the Chinese civil, commercial and offshore helicopter market (including Hong Kong and Macau). Furthermore, the exclusivity under the Distributorship Agreement will be extended to the entire Chinese helicopter market no later than mid-2019. The parties are also committed to strengthening the level of after-sales service with joint efforts aimed at establishing a completion centre and additional local training services, providing further evidence of the intention of Leonardo to deliver the best level of support to the benefit of the growing helicopter fleet in China.

Sino-US Intercontinental has so far placed orders for nearly 100 helicopters comprising AW119Kx, GrandNew, AW109 Trekker, AW169, AW139 and AW189 and has established the largest EMS (Emergency Medical Service) helicopter programme nationwide in China. The presence of Leonardo in China grows stronger with almost 200 helicopters sold to Chinese customers to date for commercial and public services. The growing fleet is supported by an increased customer support presence, recently enhanced by the opening of a major warehouse facility in Shanghai.

Leonardo Helicopters PRESS RELEASE – 19 June 2017


  • Contract for nine aircraft comprising AW169, AW139 and AW189 helicopters valued in excess of US$120 million
  • LCI is taking delivery of five AW169s and one AW139 from Leonardo this month
  • 49 new Leonardo helicopters delivered or on order by LCI to date

Leonardo and Lease Corporation International (LCI), the aviation division of the Libra Group, have today announced an order for an additional nine helicopters. The order is valued at over US$120 million and covers the entire family of new generation helicopters – the AgustaWestland AW139, AW169 and AW189. Deliveries will commence this year and continue into 2018.

LCI is already a major customer for Leonardo aircraft, and this latest order adds to its previous orders for the same types, which now total 49. The versatility and efficiency of the AW169, AW139 and AW189 aircraft are proving extremely popular with leading operators across the globe. A record five AW169s and one AW139 are being delivered this month, and being deployed on Search and Rescue (SAR), Maritime Pilot transfers, Emergency Medical Services, and Training and Utility missions. This clearly demonstrates the diversity and balance of LCI’s lease portfolio and its capacity to grow within all the sectors, including offshore oil and gas.

Crispin Maunder, Executive Chairman of LCI, said: “Today’s order marks just an interim stage in our continued long term fleet development plan. We are seeing a resurgence of demand for modern, cost-effective helicopters across a range of different sectors, and this additional follow-on order underscores our confidence in the market and ensures that LCI has the right size and mix of helicopter fleet to fulfil our customers’ near term requirements. The record number of helicopters we have taken delivery of and placed on lease this month alone is a clear demonstration of the continuing strength and diversity of demand in the helicopter market and in particular that for Leonardo helicopters.”

Michael Platt, Chief Executive Officer of LCI, says: “We are delighted to be expanding our longstanding partnership with Leonardo, whose versatile and innovative aircraft are proving highly popular with the leading helicopter operators we work with across the globe. LCI’s fast-growing fleet is balanced across a diverse range of sectors which now includes HEMS, wind energy, oil and gas, marine pilot transfer, search and rescue, mining and training.”

LCI’s growing fleet of helicopters are on lease to operators worldwide serving a wide range of sectors including emergency medical services, search and rescue, offshore wind power, harbour pilots and training & utility, as well as a small proportion serving oil and gas production. LCI’s helicopter fleet is currently made up of approximately 60 helicopters in service and on order, including the market-leading Leonardo AW139, AW169 and AW189 helicopters.

Leonardo Helicopters AW169 Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance SE-JSG … on delivery to Sweden. Freidrichshafen, April 2017.

Leonardo Helicopters AW169 Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance I-PTFQ [SE-JSG] … performing pre-delivery flights. March 2017.