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F-GNGR – Helicopter History

The historical section of the website is always growing … today new images were uploaded regarding the Agusta A109K2 F-GNGR … operated in Italy from Freeair, on behalf of HEMS 118 Regione Piemonte, out of Novara Base, during the early months of Year 2001. This helicopter was later returned to Agusta and leased to ATAL Milano, afterwards sold to USA as N109LF. Unfortunately the helicopter suffered a fatal crash, while operating an HEMS flight on behalf of I.H.C. Hospitals, on date 10 Jan 2003 near Salt Lake City, Utah [at that date the A109K2 was wearing N601RX registration].

I-CRBN – Helicopter History

Agusta A109A/AII/C/MAX Photo Page
Agusta A109C ( c/n 7623 ) I-CRBN
HEMS 118 Regione Piemonte – Novara Base … Photo Page

Another old image scanned from my personal archives. Here we have the Agusta A109C I-CRBN operated by Elilario on behalf of HEMS 118 Regione Piemonte. This helicopters was on duty at Novara Hospital during the month of February 1995. I-CRBN was registered in July 1990 and cancelled during November 1996 as I-CRBM.

I-PCLE – Helicopter History

Other new images are now available, as part of the historical area of the website, related to the Agusta A109A I-PCLE operated from Elilario on behalf of Elisoccorso Novara – Regione Piemonte … these images show the helicopter resting at Novara Ospedale Maggiore Helipad in July 1994 and August 1995. I-PCLE was the first Elilario’s Agusta A109A that was registered in April 1980 and flew continously until July 2005, when was cancelled towards Equatorial Guinea as 3C-EGS.