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F-GNGR – Helicopter History

The historical section of the website is always growing … today new images were uploaded regarding the Agusta A109K2 F-GNGR … operated in Italy from Freeair, on behalf of HEMS 118 Regione Piemonte, out of Novara Base, during the early months of Year 2001. This helicopter was later returned to Agusta and leased to ATAL Milano, afterwards sold to USA as N109LF. Unfortunately the helicopter suffered a fatal crash, while operating an HEMS flight on behalf of I.H.C. Hospitals, on date 10 Jan 2003 near Salt Lake City, Utah [at that date the A109K2 was wearing N601RX registration].

I-DVMC – Helicopter History

Thanks to Augusto LAGHI for this fantastic image of the (Bell) Agusta-Bell AB212 I-DVMC operated from S.E.I. – Servizi Elicotteristici Italiani at Rome Ciampino, June 1976. Very long and interesting carreer for this helicopter that was first registered in Italy the 27.06.1975, than sold to New Zealand in 1991 as ZK-HFG and back in Italy as I-FREM at the end of 1998, operated by Freeair/ Elitaliana. The 212 was subsequently sold to Eagle Helicopters in Canada at the end of 1991 as C-GJQS.