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PRESS RELEASE – 06 February 2018.

Leonardo signs for first ‘excellent’ service center in Japan.

Leonardo and Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation (SACC) of Japan announced the signing of a Service Center Agreement to set up helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) capabilities in Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport. The agreement foresees the construction and completion of a new dedicated hangar in 2018, with operational readiness by spring 2019. The MRO center will support the successful AW109 series and AW139 aircraft models with an annual capacity of up to 24 units and potential to grow its capacity based on market demand.

SACC’s MRO center will be the first service center in Japan ranked ‘excellent’ under Leonardo’s guidelines, expanding a local support network that already accounts for four service centers. ‘Excellent’ ranking is assigned to selected service centers focused on maintaining third party fleets and having the largest scope of service capabilities, all while guaranteeing the continued achievement of Leonardo’s customers stringent expectations and considering specific market requirements. With over 100 helicopter service and maintenance centers worldwide to date, Leonardo plans to establish at least one ‘excellent’ center in all strategic markets. This step reflects a strong commitment to position the customer at the core of any activity undertaken by Leonardo, from design through to life cycle support.

Leonardo’s regional business headquarters, based in Tokyo, has been supporting the company’s growing helicopter business in Japan since 2008. Over 120 helicopters of various models are in service in the country today performing a wide range of missions including emergency medical service, law enforcement, search-and-rescue, firefighting, disaster relief, VIP/corporate transport, electronic news gathering and naval utility. With nearly 25 years of maintenance services supplied through a growing support network nationwide, Leonardo is set to strengthen the level of service in the future. The Japanese turbine helicopter market shows significant potential in the next few decades to replace ageing fleets with modern technology and up to 30 new units could enter the market every year.

Established in 1991, the SACC, based in Shizuoka Prefecture where Mt. Fuji is located, has been providing operations and maintenance of helicopters and business jets for 25 years, maintaining a record of accident-free operations. SACC is also an operator of two GrandNew helicopters assembled by Leonardo and has supported the Dr. Heli national emergency medical service program since 2015.

PRESS RELEASE – 11 Agosto 2017


  • Tre AW169 e un GrandNew destinati ad operatori brasiliani per trasporto executive
  • Sono quasi 20 gli elicotteri di nuova generazione AW169 ordinati nel Paese fino ad oggi
  • Leonardo conferma la leadership nel mercato mondiale degli elicotteri VIP bimotore con una quota del 50%

Roma – 11 agosto 2017 – Leonardo ha annunciato oggi nuovi successi per i propri elicotteri executive in Brasile che rafforzano ulteriormente la leadership dell’Azienda nel Paese e sul mercato mondiale per questa applicazione operativa.

Gli ordini riguardano in particolare tre AW169 e un GrandNew per altrettanti clienti VIP brasiliani che espandono ulteriormente la presenza di Leonardo sul mercato elicotteristico del Paese sudamericano dove fino ad oggi sono state vendute quasi 200 macchine di vario tipo per diversi impieghi commerciali, militari e di pubblica utilità.

Gli elicotteri leggeri bimotore della serie GrandNew e AW109 vantano un solida presenza in Brasile. La combinazione di avanzate caratteristiche di tipo tecnologico e prestazionale, insieme all’elevato livello di confort e sicurezza, fanno del GrandNew la soluzione ideale per il trasporto VIP/corporate in Brasile e nel mondo. Sono oltre 360 le unità vendute fino ad oggi a più di 220 clienti in quasi 40 Paesi.

Il Brasile offre anche grandi opportunità per il più recente AW169. Degli oltre 160 elicotteri di questo tipo venduti fino ad oggi nel mondo infatti, quasi 20 sono destinati al mercato brasiliano. L’elicottero di nuova generazione AW169 si è dimostrato capace di soddisfare appieno le nuove esigenze degli operatori e presenta molteplici innovazioni anche per la sicurezza. Nuove soluzioni tecnologiche sono state adottate per i rotori, i motori, l’avionica, la trasmissione e i sistemi di alimentazione e questo modello è in grado di trasportare nella sua confortevole cabina fino a dieci passeggeri.

Grazie alle prossime consegne dei suoi nuovi modelli e alla crescita della presenza in Brasile e in Sud America, Leonardo conferma la sua leadership sul mercato mondiale degli elicotteri VIP bimotore con una quota del 50%.


PRESS RELEASE – Helitech International 2016

Leonardo-Finmeccanica: 3 more orders for AgustaWestland helicopters.

  • GrandNew order by Centaurium Aviation Ltd of Switzerland will be Bern Airport’s first twin engine VIP transport
  • Contract for one corporate GrandNew, delivery of two EMS aircraft and selection for two AW139 in Japan
  • HeliService of Germany signs for one AW169 for offshore Wind farm role

Rome, 12 ottobre 2016 – Leonardo-Finmeccanica shows continued strength in all civil helicopter markets.

The company announced today the signing of a contract with Centaurium Aviation Ltd. of Switzerland for an AgustaWestland GrandNew light twin engine helicopter. The signing was performed during an official ceremony held at Helitech, Amsterdam. This aircraft is scheduled to enter service in spring 2017 and will be operated by Mountainflyers for heli taxi services from Bern Airport. With this GrandNew, Mountainflyers will be able to serve a wide range of destinations across Switzerland and Europe, establishing Bern Airport’s first twin engine VIP helicopter transport service.

The GrandNew model also confirmed further market success during Japan Aerospace in Tokyo. Leonardo and its distributor Kaigai Corporation announced a further expansion across the Japanese light twin helicopter market with an order by an undisclosed corporate customer for one helicopter to be used for executive/private transport. Additionally, two additional GrandNew helicopters have been delivered to the Prefectures of Niigata and Kagoshima for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), performed by Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation and Kagoshima International Aviation respectively. These recent successes further expand the presence of the GrandNew in the Japanese market where more than 80 AgustaWestland AW109 series aircraft have been sold to date to perform a range of missions including EMS, law enforcement, executive/private transport and Electronic News Gathering (ENG). Leonardo and its distributor Mitsui Bussan also announced at Japan Aerospace the selection of the AW139 by both Nippon TV and Chukyo TV for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) missions. These selections follow the joint announcement made with Mitsui Bussan at the Farnborough International Air Show in July foreseeing the delivery of the 50th AW139 helicopter to Japan by the end of 2016.

At Helitech HeliService International GmbH signed for one AW169. The aircraft will be delivered in 2017 to undertake offshore windfarm support missions in the North Sea. These aircraft add to the first AW169 ordered by the customer in late 2015, and handed over this summer, which marked the first customer of the type for this application in Europe and the entry of the all new model into the German helicopter market.



Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation orders another Grandnew EMS helicopter for new Niigata Prefecture Doctor-Heli base.

  • Aircraft to enter service in fall this year, expanding the presence of GrandNew in Japan for emergency medical service
  • More than 80 AgustaWestland AW109 legacy of helicopters sold to Japanese customer so far for various roles
  • Over 150 helicopters of various types sold by the Finmeccanica Helicopter Division in Japan to date for a range of roles

Rome – 1 MARCH 2016 – Finmeccanica announced today through its Helicopter Division and Kaigai Corporation of Japan that Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation has placed an order for an additional AgustaWestland GrandNew light twin helicopter to perform emergency medical service (EMS) missions in Niigata Prefecture. The aircraft is expected to enter service in the Fall of 2016.

This latest purchase is part of the Doctor-Heli system programme which is intended to provide modern airborne EMS coverage to all prefectures in Japan. The order further expands the presence of EMS-configured GrandNew helicopters in the Japanese market and continues the growing success of the GrandNew and AgustaWestland’s range of AW109 legacy of helicopters in Japan, with more than 80 aircraft sold to perform a number of missions including EMS, law enforcement, executive/corporate transport and electronic newsgathering.

Note to editors on Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation

Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation, in joint venture with Kagoshima International Aviation, was awarded a Doctor Heli contract from Nagaoka Red Cross Hospital in Niigata Prefecture offering the GrandNew after a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process, demonstrating its ability to meet the demanding mission and safety requirements. Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation’s GrandNew features a comprehensive EMS configuration with a cabin layout able to accommodate one litter plus four medical attendants or two litters plus two medical attendants. The aircraft is also fitted with skis and ice detector. Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation, a subsidiary of Suzuyo & Co., is an aircraft operating company located at Shizuoka Heliport. Established in 1991, it provides a variety of operational services, such as disaster relief support for Shizuoka Prefecture, electronic news gathering for local broadcasting companies and charter transport. Its capabilities also include aircraft maintenance, repair and modification services.