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Leonardo Helicopters AW169 ( c/n 69095 ) [CSX81962], MM81962 / GF-501

Thanks to Simone PREVIDI and Max NOVE for these new images of the very first Leonardo Helicopters AW169 that will be operated by Guardia di Finanza … the helicopter is currently wearing the test registration CSX81962 and the code GF-501, together with the new GdiF livery already apperaed on AW139 GF-413 few days ago.

Leonardo Helicopters AW139 ( c/n no info ) MT81961 / GF-413.

Thanks to Tiziano CAPENTI for this image of the Leonardo Helicopters AW139 MT81961 / GF-413 operated by Guardia di Finanza. This is the first AW139 to wear new GdiF color scheme, pictured during test flights in Venegono (VA), May 2019.

PRESS RELEASE – 12 December 2018


  • Contract for 22 AW169Ms in dedicated configuration with support and training package valued at 280 million euro with deliveries between summer 2019 and 2024. 
  • Complements a fleet of 14 AW139s to perform patrol and reconnaissance, law enforcement, rescue and homeland security missions 
  • The Guardia di Finanza contract for AW169Ms follows the success of the AW169  and strengthens its position in Italy as the most innovative rescue helicopter​

Leonardo announced today the signing of a contract with Italy’s Guardia di Finanza for 22 new generation AW169M twin engine helicopters. The contract, valued at 280 million euro, includes a comprehensive support and training package which could be further extended with optional services valued at an additional 100 million euro. Deliveries are expected to start in summer 2019 and to be completed by 2024. 

The aircraft will be used to perform a range of roles including patrol and reconnaissance, law enforcement, rescue and homeland security, complementing a fleet of 14 AW139 intermediate twins, six of which are already in service and the following eight due to be delivered in 2019.

“This contract will allow us to deliver the Guardia di Finanza a new generation helicopter with the best technologies available, to perform missions which are getting more and more complex and challenging. Our ability to provide state-of-the-art  products to meet the requirements of Italian government agencies and armed forces, for the security of our nation, is the result of Leonardo’s leading edge technology and innovation”, said Alessandro ProfumoLeonardo CEO.

The AW169Ms of Guardia di Finanza will receive a military qualification by the Italian Directorate of Air Armaments (ARMAEREO) and will feature a dedicated configuration including rescue hoist, emergency floatation system and life rafts, wire cutters, TCAS II (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), NVG (Night Vision Goggle) compatible cockpit, HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System), advanced communication system, OPLS (Obstacle Proximity Lidar System), advanced HUMS (Health Usage Monitoring System), AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System) with SAR modes, searchlight, ice detector, fast roping and satcom. The aircraft will be also fitted with a range of Leonardo systems such as RW ATOS (Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance) system with advanced operator console, Gabbiano radarLEOSS (Long Range Electro-Optical Surveillance System), M428 IFF transponder, V/UHF radio systems cockpit panels and lighting and provisions for SPHYDER (Smart Processing Hyperspectral Detection and Reconnaissance System).

The contract for the AW169M by Guardia di Finanza follows the success of the AW169 type in Italy for emergency medical services with various operators across the nation. It also follows the success of the AW169 for law enforcement in Europe and the Americas.

PRESS RELEASE – 13 December 2016


  • The contract will increase the Italian Customs and Border Protection Service’s AW139 fleet to eight units, with options for a further six helicopters
  • Aircraft to perform maritime surveillance and patrol, maritime and mountain reconnaissance, law enforcement and homeland security
  • Almost 240 customers from over 70 countries have ordered over 970 AW139 helicopters

Leonardo-Finmeccanica announced today it has signed a contract to supply six additional AW139 intermediate twin helicopters to the Italian Customs and Border Protection Service (Guardia di Finanza), includingintegrated logistic support and training for pilots and technicians. The contract, valued at around €90 million, will increase the customer’s fleet of AW139s to eight units. Deliveries of the six new aircraft are expected to start in mid-2017 and to be completed in 2019. The AW139s will be used to perform a range of missions includingmaritime surveillance and patrol, maritime and mountain reconnaissance, law enforcement and homeland security. The order also includes options for six additional helicopters, allowing the operator to take a further step towards replacement of its ageing AB412 fleet. The AW139 has been selected by the customer following a European Tender launched in mid-2016. The type demonstrated the best solution to meet the Italian Customs and Border Protection Service’s stringent requirements.

The Italian Customs and Border Protection Service’s new AW139s will feature a wide range of mission equipment which will be managed by Leonardo Airborne and Space Systems’ ATOS (Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance) mission system. Sensors managed by ATOS will include the high-performance multi-mode/multi-mission surveillance radar Gabbiano by Leonardo Airborne and Space Systems and a high definition Forward Looking Infra-Red system with MTI (Moving Target Indicator) capability fully integrated with the mission console to provide a clear and easily understandable tactical picture to the crew. Communications equipment will include SRT-700 multi-band radios by Leonardo Airborne and Space Systems, marine band and satellite communication systems, M428 Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) transponder by Leonardo Airborne and Space Systems. Other mission and safety equipment that will be fitted includes a full Night Vision Goggle (NVG) cockpit and cabin, new generation searchlight, Optical Proximity LiDAR System (OPLS), external fast rope system, wire strike protection system, auxiliary fuel tank, emergency floatation system and external life rafts. TheAW139 design incorporates a large spacious cabin for the crew, equipment and survivors accessed by two large sliding doors.

A partire dal giorno 3 ottobre u.s. , il Museo Storico del Servizio Aereo della Guardia di Finanza di Pratica di Mare è finalmente aperto anche al pubblico.

Immagini © Maurizio Di TERLIZZI 2016


Appassionati, scolaresche e visitatori italiani e stranieri potranno prenotarsi sul sito del Museo Storico del Corpo su o da Iride per gli appartenenti al Corpo. Il Museo occupa una superficie di quasi 1000 metri quadrati e presenta una collezione storica di tutto rispetto, composta da 5 elicotteri ed un aeroplano oltre che da una grande quantità di cimeli, tute ed equipaggiamenti da volo ed armi. La storia del Servizio Aereo è ampiamente descritta grazie a documenti, display e documentari che tracciano le origini di questa componente dal 1911 ai giorni nostri. I visitatori potranno provare l’ebbrezza del pilotaggio grazie ad un simulatore di volo e ripercorrere tutte le tappe dello sviluppo e dell’impiego dei mezzi aerei nelle varie epoche seguendo una visita guidata in italiano ed inglese. L’accesso per i disabili e tutta una serie di ausili informatici garantiscono assistenza e modernità a tutto vantaggio dei visitatori, che potranno prenotarsi nei giorni mercoledì e venerdì con orario 09.00 /12.30.

Immagini © Maurizio Di TERLIZZI 2016