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During the last few months four (4) new Airbus Helicopters H125s [As350B3e] were registered in Italy:

I-RASH Elifriulia Srl

I-HELT Heliwest

I-GRDD Star Work Sky

I-MGII Operated by Elitellina [Owned by Elisystem]

We are looking for pictures to implement the dedicated helicopter data sheets.

Heli-Expo 2017 PRESS RELEASE – 9 March 2017

Aersud Elicotteri signs for two H125 and celebrates the 200th Ecureuil H125 in Italia.

Dallas, 9 March 2017 – Aersud Elicotteri, Airbus Helicopters’ distributor for Italy, signed a contract for the purchase of two H125 rotorcrafts during the HAI Heli-Expo air show in Dallas, Texas.
On March 8, 2017, Aersud Elicotteri, Airbus Helicopters’ distributor for Italy, signed a contract for the purchase of two H125 rotorcrafts during the HAI Heli-Expo air show in Dallas, Texas. These helicopters will be tasked for aerial work missions and the deliveries are scheduled for early 2018.
With this order, Aersud Elicotteri celebrates the 200th Ecureuil H125 in Italy, a major milestone in the deployment of this helicopter in the country.
“Today’s agreement significantly proves our confidence in the future and reaffirms the relationship of trust we have built up over more than three decades with Italian operators,” said Riccardo Aichner, President of Aersud. “This 200th Ecureuil in Italy, which we are now celebrating, comes with our commitment to provide our customers with the best solutions to meet their growing needs.”
“We are in an industry where long-standing relationships are paramount,” said Olivier Michalon, head of the Europe region for Airbus Helicopters. “Our 40-year partnership with Aersud and its MRO partner Helicopters Italia has allowed us to focus on customer satisfaction. This 200th Ecureuil is proof of that.”
Aersud has been the sole distributor of Airbus helicopters in Italy since 1973.

Aersud Elicotteri, Airbus Helicopters Agent & Distributor, was established in 1963 by Avv. Martino Aichner, military pilot decorated with the Gold Medal for military valour. Aersud has always been committed to the development of Civil Aviation: it promoted, together with the Italian Authorities, the Laws and Regulations that liberalized the use of helicopter in Italy; it founded the National Mountain Flying School and organized, for various Italian Regions, important services of institutional interest.
In Italy, for over 40 years, it has succeeded in highlighting the quality of Airbus Helicopters production, obtaining more than 50% of the civil market share (emergency medical service, forest firefighting, civil defence, passenger transport, corporate and aerial work).Today Aersud is developing its activity also in other Mediterranean Countries.

PRESS RELEASE – 13 October 2016

At the end of August 2016, Airbus Helicopters’ Ecureuil fleet reached the impressive milestone of 30 million flight hours.


To learn more about the longevity of a fleet that represents 42 percent of Airbus Helicopters’ in service aircraft, we spoke to Mathilde Royer-Germain, Vice President of Light Helicopters Programme.

The first Ecureuil was delivered in 1977. How do you explain the longevity of this helicopter family?

Mathilde Royer-Germain: The first Ecureuil was conceived with safety, low operating costs, and the anticipation of future performance increases as priorities. Today, the AS350 (renamed H125) has become the unrivalled leader in the aerial work segment, able to lift more than its empty weight. In 2005, the AS350 even broke the world record for the highest altitude landing on Mount Everest. With the introduction of a wider cabin on the EC130 (renamed H130), the Ecureuil family has been able to expand its market footprint further, especially in the tourism and medical transport segments. The Ecureuil family has been able to adapt to market evolutions and to address key mission segments since its introduction.

Five thousand Ecureuil are flying in 119 countries for more than 1,800 customers. Why has this helicopter been such a success?

M.R-G: The first explanation is probably in the Ecureuil’s DNA: this helicopter was designed to be safe, simple, versatile and to offer the best performance versus operating cost in the world. Today, the Ecureuil family is the best choice to perform the complete range of helicopter missions, specifically with the dual H125 and H130 offer. The H130, with its spacious cabin offering excellent visibility, its high performance, its low vibration level, its rupture resistant fuel system and energy-absorbing seats, is perfectly conceived to carry seven passengers and to perform medical transport missions in complete safety. A versatile aircraft, it can also perform aerial work missions. The H125’s lifting capacity and ability to carry an extraordinary variety of equipment, both externally and internally, along with hot and high performance, make it a helicopter particularly suited to aerial work, law enforcement, search-and-rescue units and firefighting. Our customers love the Ecureuil because they know they can count on it no matter their mission.

In a strongly depressed global helicopter market, will the Ecureuil continue to be as successful as it was?

M.R-G: The H125 and H130 represent two helicopters out of three delivered in their weight class in the world, and the Ecureuil bookings remain solid. The Ecureuil is performing particularly well in growth-driven markets, such as China, where Ecureuil deliveries have more than doubled between 2014 and 2016.

The Ecureuil has continuously improved over a period of 40 years. What are the latest developments for this helicopter family?

M.R-G: The next improvement will be the introduction in early 2017 of Garmin G500H avionics on all newly produced H125s and H130s. This glass cockpit solution will reduce pilot workload, especially for mission preparation, and enhance safety with Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) while preserving external visibility – and all this with no additional weight. In parallel, we are introducing new mission packages in order to capture new business. For example, the H130 can now answer any EMS requirement for single- or dual-pilot interiors, while the H125 will soon offer the most modern equipment kit for law enforcement and surveillance missions.

Finally, we remain focused on simplifying maintenance and reducing operating costs for our customers. As an example, by the end of 2016 we will have reduced by 10 percent the number of maintenance hours required per flight hour and removed the 12-year inspection on the H130. As you can see, we have a lot of ideas for keeping H125s and H130s at the top of operators’ lists as the number one choice to support the growth of their business, for another 30 million flight hours.

JUNE 2016

New helicopters registered in Italy:

I-HBSB Airbus Helicopters H125  … operated by Star Work Sky.

I-HECO Finmeccanica Helicopter Division AW139 … operated by Inaer Aviation Italia.

I-CROP Robinson R44 Raven II … operated by Ariane Srl [ex F-HVAR, I-HIDI].


MAY 2016

New helicopters registered in Italy:

I-MGIO will be the first Airbus Helicopters H125 commercially registered in Italy … operated by Elitellina.



Thanks to Emanuele GHIROLDI and Gianfilippo COLASANTO for these new images.


BLR Moves to Certify FastFin System for H125 Helicopters in 2016.

LOUISVILLE, Feb. 29, 2016 – BLR Aerospace is working with Airbus Helicopters to certify the FastFin® Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability System on an H125 helicopter, the company announced today.
Proof of concept flight tests were successfully completed in 2015. BLR is nearing the end of its certification flight test program and is on track for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification of its new H125 system later this year. Approvals from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) are expected to follow.
Once certified, the system will be offered to the aftermarket and as an option on new H125s, according to Dave Marone, BLR’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
“We have been fortunate to work cooperatively with a world-class technical team from Airbus Helicopters in exploring the applicability of FastFin to the H125,” Marone said. “Their support has been instrumental in reaching this important milestone.”
BLR’s flight test program demonstrated that FastFin is well suited for the H125 and delivers important operating benefits, including improved wind azimuth tolerance and additional useful load in hover. Detailed performance data will be available once certification occurs, Marone said.
The FastFin system includes patented airflow modifiers at strategic locations on the tailboom, optimizing airflow around the tailboom to create an advantageous pressure differential between the left and right sides of the tailboom, dramatically improving tail rotor authority.
 “FastFin is a proven power, performance and revenue-enhancing technology,” Marone said. “We look forward to introducing it to the H125 operating community.”
One-thousand of BLR’s performance-enhancing FastFin systems have been installed on an assortment of commercial and military helicopters since the first system was certified more than a decade ago. The system is also standard, factory-installed equipment on all new Bell 412EP and EPI helicopters.