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Heli-Austria is finalizing “FastFin” modifications to both AS350B3e Ecureuils OE-XAE and OE-XBE. This very interesting modification will improve flight carachteristcs of the helicopters … more detailed info are available directly at BLR Aerospace website (http://www.blraerospace.com/products/fastfin-for-airbus/). Thanks to Roy KNAUS for these “on-going maintenance” images from Heli-Austria hangars.

Agusta-Bell AB212 ( c/n 5553)

Originally delivered to the United Arab Emirates as P-553 … was later sold to Germany as D-HAFN, and briefly operated from Air Walser in Africa …

Afterward, back in Europe, was totally refurbished and updated by Heli Austria as OE-XKK … and here it is, visiting Aosta Valley for some tests with Pellissier Helicopter.