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Heli-Expo 2017 PRESS RELEASE – 9 March 2017

Aersud Elicotteri signs for two H125 and celebrates the 200th Ecureuil H125 in Italia.

Dallas, 9 March 2017 – Aersud Elicotteri, Airbus Helicopters’ distributor for Italy, signed a contract for the purchase of two H125 rotorcrafts during the HAI Heli-Expo air show in Dallas, Texas.
On March 8, 2017, Aersud Elicotteri, Airbus Helicopters’ distributor for Italy, signed a contract for the purchase of two H125 rotorcrafts during the HAI Heli-Expo air show in Dallas, Texas. These helicopters will be tasked for aerial work missions and the deliveries are scheduled for early 2018.
With this order, Aersud Elicotteri celebrates the 200th Ecureuil H125 in Italy, a major milestone in the deployment of this helicopter in the country.
“Today’s agreement significantly proves our confidence in the future and reaffirms the relationship of trust we have built up over more than three decades with Italian operators,” said Riccardo Aichner, President of Aersud. “This 200th Ecureuil in Italy, which we are now celebrating, comes with our commitment to provide our customers with the best solutions to meet their growing needs.”
“We are in an industry where long-standing relationships are paramount,” said Olivier Michalon, head of the Europe region for Airbus Helicopters. “Our 40-year partnership with Aersud and its MRO partner Helicopters Italia has allowed us to focus on customer satisfaction. This 200th Ecureuil is proof of that.”
Aersud has been the sole distributor of Airbus helicopters in Italy since 1973.

Aersud Elicotteri, Airbus Helicopters Agent & Distributor, was established in 1963 by Avv. Martino Aichner, military pilot decorated with the Gold Medal for military valour. Aersud has always been committed to the development of Civil Aviation: it promoted, together with the Italian Authorities, the Laws and Regulations that liberalized the use of helicopter in Italy; it founded the National Mountain Flying School and organized, for various Italian Regions, important services of institutional interest.
In Italy, for over 40 years, it has succeeded in highlighting the quality of Airbus Helicopters production, obtaining more than 50% of the civil market share (emergency medical service, forest firefighting, civil defence, passenger transport, corporate and aerial work).Today Aersud is developing its activity also in other Mediterranean Countries.

PRESS RELEASE – 1 Aprile 2016

HELICOPTERS ITALIA: Prima installazione, in retrofit, del sistema autopilota HELISAS ®.
1 Aprile 2016 – Helicopters Italia, stazione di servizio Airbus Helicopters per l’Italia, ha in questi giorni portato a termine con
successo la prima installazione, in retrofit, del sistema autopilota HELISAS® su un elicottero AS350 B3.
Tale attività è stata resa possibile grazie alla partnership instaurata tra Genesys Aerosystem, produttrice del sistema HELISAS® e detentrice del relativo Supplemental Type Certificate approvato EASA, ed Helicopters Italia, da sempre punto di riferimento sia in Italia che all’estero per la manutenzione e personalizzazione degli elicotteri Airbus Helicopters.
Il sistema HELISAS® permette la stabilizzazione dell’elicottero (SAS mode), grazie a due attuatori installati sugli assi di comando di pitch e di roll. Inoltre, in relazione all’avionica presente a bordo, il sistema prevede la possibilità di integrare modalità di funzionamento tipiche di autopiloti più complessi, quali:
 HDG mode: inseguimento di una prua impostata sullo Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) di bordo;
 NAV mode (VOR/ILS/GPS): Inseguimento di una radio assistenza VOR/ILS, oppure inseguimento
di una rotta preventivamente impostata sul GPS di bordo;
 ALT mode: mantenimento di quota.
Il sistema Helisas®, per il quale Helicopters Italia è Dealer per l’Italia, è disponibile in retrofit per i seguenti modelli degli elicotteri Airbus Helicopters: Ecureuil AS350 (H125) B/BA/D/B1/B2/B3 ed EC130B4/T2.Il Cliente Cav. Luca Marianetti ha espresso la propria soddisfazione per le migliorate prestazioni dell’elicottero.