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Please visit the Aviation Safety Network page for further details and local media info … https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=219553 

15 December 2018 – Today a fatal incident involved the Agusta A109S Grand (c/n 22007) I-EITC in Portugal while operating on behalf of Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica (INEM).

After dropping off a patient an Agusta A109 helicopter was returning to his base Macedo de Cavaleiros in the district of Braganca when it crashed in bad weather. The helicopter was missed around 18:37LT and was found around 01:30LT 16-12) in the night. Authorities were able to reach the possible location of the helicopter through the geolocation of the mobile phones of the aircraft’s own crew. 

Two pilots, a nurse and a doctor didn’t survive. 

According to a statement from the government department “The preliminary assessment of the wreckage that has been possible so far indicates that the crash occurred following a collision with an existing broadcasting antenna in the area”.