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Swiss companies Air Zermatt and Air-Glaciers have announced they will be merging in April.

PRESS RELEASE – 10 March 2020

Both companies have a long history that goes back over 50 years, working on various mountain operations and rescue flights.

Air-Glaciers has a rotary- and fixed-wing fleet including 15 helicopters across seven bases in Switzerland. Air Zermatt employs 75 people, with a fleet of 10 helicopters across three bases.

Bruno Bagnoud, Air-Glaciers Founder, will serve the new company as Honorary President.

Both companies will still have their own board of directors and a CEO, and the regional anchoring of Air-Glaciers in Lower Valais and Air Zermatt in Upper Valais will remain as it is.

In a joint press release the companies said: “This merging is definitely the right way forward. “But even after the merger, there will always be two companies, two brands and two strong names. We will try to go a little bit together, but still remain distinctive and independent in the future. Always with the goal of becoming even better and more efficient.”

The full Press Release is available at the following link:…/allg…/medien/medienmitteilungen