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Aerospatiale AS332C Super Puma Tyrolean Airways OE-GXB ... resting at Innsbruck Airport, June 1982.


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OM-ATB Air Transport Europe ... resting at Poprad Tatry Airport, May 2011.

I-SPOT Alba Servizi Trasporti ... taking off from Samedan Airport (GR), November 2021.

I-ETIB Elieuro ... resting in Clusone Heliport (BG), November 2005.

I-ELIH Elisystem ... sitting in front of mainbase hangar at Rivanazzano (PV), August 1991.

I-GPBF Fiordo Air ... resting at Samedan Airport (GR), December 1991.

I-ARIP Aermarche ... "Marche Soccorso", resting at Ancona Hospital Helipad (AN), September 1989.

I-RCPM Elilario Italia ... resting at Bormio Heliport (SO) during "Bormio 2005" World Ski Championships, January 2005.

ZS-RJW Civair Helicopters ... resting at Cape Town Heliport, March 2003.

F-GMEN ETI 2000 ... ready for take-off from Bionnaz (AO), June 2003.

I-DEDA Luxottica ... resting outside Aersud Elicotteri maintenance facility at Trento Mattarello Airport (TN), May 1990.

I-DVMC S.E.I. ... resting at Rome Ciampino, June 1976.

I-MINS Elifriulia ... resting inside Cividale del Friuli (UD) hangar, May 1975.

I-TRED Vigili del Fuoco - Regione Trentino - Alto Adige ... Rifugio Pedrotti, Bocca di Brenta (TN), Year 1975.

I-BNAC Eli Piazza ... Oltrepņ Pavese, Summer 1986.

I-VIOU Eli Alpi ... undergoing some maintenance activity at Issogne (AO), Early '80s.

I-AMGG, I-GATI, I-BEMA & I-EZIO ... Mezzomerico's hangar full of AB47J, November 2001.

I-RECL Airway / Alieurope ... leased from Alieurope for heli-shuttle operation during Monza Formula 1 Grand Prix. Linate ATA, September 1998.

I-CIOC Airgreen ... resting at Sondrio (SO) Helipad, October 1990.

9N-AII Fishtail Air ... previously operated in Italy as I-LLEO. Kathmandu (Nepal), May 2012.

I-OETE Roberto Cavalli ... resting at Roma Urbe, July 2008.

I-CARR Croce Alata ... operating on behalf of Regione Emilia Romagna. Ravenna Hospital Helipad (RA), May 1994.

I-DPCJ Protezione Civile ... active in the area during "lago effimero" emergency on Belvedere Glacier. Macugnaga (VB), July 2002.

I-DENY ETI 2000 ... heli-ski activity on top of Plateau Rosą, Cervinia (AO), February 1997.

I-SEIB Elitaliana ... operating on behalf of Consorzio Emergenza Elisoccorso Regione Piemonte. Novara Ospedale Maggiore Helipad, July 1993.

I-CRBN Elilario ... operating on behalf of 118 EMS Regione Piemonte. Novara Ospedale Maggiore, February 1995.

I-NYCO Elitalia ... resting inside Trento Mattarello (TN) hangars, January 1975.

F-GCCZ Secours Aerien Francais ... taking off from Courchevel Altiport, January 1990.


 I-EHAB Elitos ... resting at Firenze Peretola Airport (FI), August 1989.

C-FAHA Denendeh Helicopters Ltd ... resting at Ft. Liard (NWT), June 1996.

I-KOAL Agusta Elicotteri ... prototype/experimental helicopter, taking off from Domodossola (VB), January 2007.

I-ASIO Helops ... wearing full new color scheme and I-NERY still wering the old painting scheme. Aosta Airfield (AO), May 2004.

C-GVIM Vancouver Island Heicopters ... "Airevac 2" operating on behalf of British Columbia Ambulance. Vancouver Harbour Heliport, June 1993.

D-HAFR Elilario / Agrarflug ... resting at Colico (LC), Summer 1994.

I-MAIC Aeroveneta ... operating on behalf of 118 Padova - Regione Veneto. Padova Airport (PD), September 2000.

I-APUS Airway ... resting at Senales (BZ), June 2002.

 I-MMMA SAI Servizi Aerei Industriali ... operating on behalf of RAI during 2003 Giro d'Italia. Cantu' (CO), May 2003.

I-TALE E.S.I. Eliservizi Italiani ... resting at Masera Heliport (VB), September 1985.

3A-MSG Monacair ... resting at Milan Malpensa, May 1991.

I-SEIA Air Mach ... Firenze Peretola Airport, August 1998.

I-LILL ... at Aviosuperficie Amedeo d'Aosta. Borro (AR), July 1983.

I-COLA Elisystem ... resting at Rivanazzano (PV) after a long day of agricultural work, August 1989.


OE-GXB Tyrolean Airways ... resting at Innsbruck Airport, June 1982.

I-OLLY Heliwest ... resting in Monza Helipad during Formula 1 Grand Prix, September 1996.

I-LOBY ... resting at Venegono Airfied (VA), October 1988.

3A-MSY A.L. Bassani ... resting at Samedan Airport (GR), January 2001.


I-SKSA Compagnia Italiana Elicotteri ... wearing original Croce Alata color scheme - Consorzio Emergenza Elisoccorso and Regione Sicilia titles. Firenze Peretola Airport (FI), June 1996.

I-BEMA Italian Helicopter Services ... during training flights in Mezzomerico (NO), February 2003.

T7-NIK Nik Air ... the first helicopter registered in San Marino during a visit in Milan Malpensa, March 2006.

I-VIMU Il Ciocco Travel ... resting at Milan Malpensa, September 1996.

I-BKBO Croce Alata ... operating on behalf of 118 Regione Emilia Romagna - Bologna Soccorso - Consorzio Nazionale Elisoccorso. Bologna Ospedale Maggiore Helipad (BO), May 1992.

EC-EEN Helisur [ex I-AGUG] ... operating as firefighter on behal of Junta de Castilla y Leon. Cordoba, June 2003.

I-ATWO AgustaWestland Spa... "AC02" at Milan Malpensa General Aviation, January 2009.

I-DACE Agusta Elicotteri ... flight testing at Ulrichen (VS), June 1999.

I-EHBB Elitos ... resting al Lugo di Romagna Airport (RA), May 1986.

 I-MMAA Italfly ... freshly delivered, ready for take-off from Italfly apron area. Trento Mattarello Airport (TN), April 1990.

I-FLAY Eli-Fly ... ready for take-off from Elitellina's Sondrio heliport (SO), July 1991.

I-BSHV ... resting at GS Aviation helipad. Milan Malpensa, March 1986.

I-MROS Eliservizi Italiani ... resting at Masera Heliport (VB), March 1993.

I-AIRU Helops ... resting in front of Aosta Airfield hangars, January 2004.

I-AFCN Elimax ... sitting at Monza Racetrack Heliport (MB), September 1992.

I-FLAO & I-CACO Eliossola ... resting at Domodossola mainbase (VB), January 2003.

I-LUPJ Heliservice Italia ... wearing full Elilario color scheme at Monza Race Circuit Heliport (MB), September 1991.

I-PATI Vigili del Fuoco PAT ... ready for departure from Trento Mattarello, June 1990.

I-JJOB ETI 2000 ... working at Piana di Bedole, Val Genova (TN), July 2006.

I-IHAB A.C. d'Italia - Scuola Nazionale Elicotteri ... performing test flight after maintenace. Vanzaghello (MI), February 1988.

I-FLUS Elisystem ... attending rescue/relief exercise with Protezione Civile. Rescaldina (MI), July 2003.

I-LGOG Freeair Srl / D'Azeglio Spa ... wearing original Monacair color scheme. Firenze Peretola Airport, October 1994.

I-MDPB Elettronica Belmonte ... resting at Cervinia - Plateau Rosa [3480 mtrs], February 1991.

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