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Leonardo AW139 Vigili del Fuoco VF-148 ... approaching active spot in Modica (RG), April 2024.


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I-TRGT Airgreen Srl ... resting at Biella Cerrione Airport (BI) during her deivery flight to Cafasse, April 2024.

SE-JZD SKY Aviation / Heli Air Sweden AB ... during heli-ski activity in Aosta Valley, February 2024.

VF-148 Vigili del Fuoco ... at Modica (RG), April 2024.

4L-GHG Geosky ... resting at Mestia Airport (Georgia), March 2024.

I-ELIW Eliossola Srl ... resting at Pizzo Trecciora (VC), August 2023.

EC-JPP Avincis Aviation España ... operating on behalf of EPES 061 Andalucia. Sevilla - La Cartuja Heliport, Apiril 2024.

I-CREW EliFriulia Srl ... operating on behalf of Elisoccorso Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. Sappada Helipad (UD), [Monte Siera on the background], January 2024.

9H-LST Nordend Srl ... resting at Firenze Peretola Airport (FI), April 2024.

I-LRHQ Eliossola Srl ... wearing full new paint scheme at Cannobio Helipad (VB), January 2024.

I-WNDJ Westair Helicopters Srl ... resting at Tuzla Airport, Romania, April 2024.

G-DVII Executive Jet Charter Ltd ... at London Battersea Heliport, June 2023.

HB-XXU Heli-TV ... close-up view. Mergozzo Heliport (VB), June 2023.

I-ELKO Star Work Sky / Elikos ... another great work completed by Babylo Aviation Painting together with "Maximum Pilot View Kit" installation. Caiolo Airfield (SO), July 2023.

C-GYNH Ornge ... resting at Sunnybrook Hospital rooftop Helipad, April 2023.

I-AMAY ...back in the sun after few years of storage. Caiolo (SO), March 2023.

I-LRCT Air Corporate ... performing heli-shuttle service during Monza Formula 1 Grand Prix. Monza Heliport (MB), September 2023.

EC-JJC HeliDueBi ... at Club Nautico Stresa Helipad. Stresa (VB), September 2023.

MM82026 / 15-71 Aeronautica Militare Italiana ... 82° Centro SAR Trapani special "40 years" anniversary livery. Donnalucata (RG), July 2023.

 T7-170SE Scenic ... as soon after delivery at Caiolo Airfield (SO), April 2023.

I-MAVI Elicompany Srl ... taking off from Eurotech facility in Caiolo (SO), January 2023.


EC-LBL Avincis Aviation España ... operating as firefighter on behalf of Gobierno de Espana. La Cartuja Heliport, Sevilla, November 2023.

SE-HJZ ... reflections as sunset. Mergozzo Heliport (VB), July 2023.

I-SURF Airgreen ... resting at mainbase hangar in Cafasse (TO), March 2023.

MM82055 / GF-507 Guardia di Finanza ... fixed skid close-up view. Vergiate facility, 24 January 2023.

F-WTAF ... just landed after the delivery flight from Marignane. Domodossola (VB), 14 April 2023.

EC-JJC HeliDueBi ... resting at Eupilo (CO), Lago di Pusiano, December 2023.

I-XIAN Eliossola Srl ... performing heli-shuttle service during Monza Formula 1 Grand Prix. Monza Heliport (MB), September 2023.

D-HCBG [I-LRJP] Air Corporate ... delivery cerimony for the second Air Corporate's ACH135. Donauworth, October 2023.

I-TEBA Terna Group / E+S Air Srl ... resting at Ozzano dell'Emilia Airfield (BO), May 2023.

I-PAXE Elilombarda / Helops ... hovering at Rifugio Capanna Regina Margherita [4554 meters], February 2004.

G-SIRT Sloane Helicopters Ltd ... taking off from Frankton, October 2023.

I-DNAM Elifriulia ... operating on behalf of 118 Elisoccorso Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, resting at Trieste Cattinara Hospital Helipad (TS), August 2023.

EI-IAL Ion Aviation Ltd ... landing at Samedan Airport (GR), February 2023.

G-TJPK Sloane Helicopters Ltd ... on delivery to customer via Milan Malpensa, January 2023.

I-MYAR E+S Air Srl ... approaching landing spot in Macugnaga (VB), December 2022.

I-RYMA Alidaunia Srl ... resting at Pescara Airport, July 2022.

I-FREA ... resting on the heliport together with I-ELIW. Piedimulera (VB), February 2022.

I-LMBD Babcock MCS Italia ... "Horus 1" AREU Regione Lombardia ready for take off from Abbiate Guazzone (VA), October 2022.

OE-XJP Heli Austria ... "Thor" operating on behalf of AIB Regione Sardegna. Fenosu (OR), September 2022.


I-MIAK E+S Air Srl ... leaving Laghi di Trivera, Alta Valle Antrona (VB), October 2022.

I-CFAN Vigili del Fuoco ... "Cochise" during firefighting activity at Lago d'Idro (TN), March 2022.

I-AWCM Leonardo Spa ... performing maintenance test flights at Biella Cerrione Airport (BI), March 2022.

I-SLND Babcock MCS Italia ... operating on behalf of SUEM 118 Regione Veneto - Belluno. Pieve di Cadore Helibase (BL), December 2022.

S5-HPJ Slovenia Police ... during active firefighting operations near Lokvica (Slovenia), July 2002.

I-ROBS Airgreen ... operating on behalf of HEMS 118 Regione Piemonte. Alessandria HEMS Helibase (AL), November 2022.

CSX81848 Leonardo Spa ... approaching Pozzallo Heliport (RG) at dusk, November 2022.

HB-ZWS Crest Aviation Ltd / Swift Copters SA ... approaching Courchevel Altiport, March 2022.

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