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Leonardo AW169 Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia I-SMBA... "Icaro 2"  operating on behalf of HEMS 118 Regione Marche. Belluno Airport (BL), November 2020.


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AW169 Babcock MCS Italia I-SMBA.

AW109SP Leonardo Spa I-AWVB.

H125 Helica I-MGCM.

AW109SP Air Corporate I-RRSS.

AS350B3 Elitellina I-LMXN.

AS350BA Ariane Srl I-OETE.

AS350B3 EliFriulia I-RISH.

H125 Star Work Sky I-TEKA.

AW139 Vigili del Fuoco VF-146.

H145 Babcock MCS Italia I-SWRS.

H125 Star Work Sky I-NICC.

S64F Vigili del Fuoco I-CFAM.

AW119Kx Leonardo I-AWCV.

AW169 Leonardo I-LCIA.


 AW109N Carabinieri MM81686 / CC-58 [ex CFS-33].

AW139 Vigili del Fuoco I-EASZ [VF-145].


SA315B Star Work Sky I-SERY.

AW169 Babcock MCS Italia I-MCSH.

AW139 Airgreen Srl I-WOOD.

AW139 Helisirio I-IDVE.

SA315B Giana Helicopter I-SESI.

AW189 Leonardo I-PTFF.

Cabri G2 Italfly I-CABB.

H125 Elikos Srl I-EKOS.


EC120B Omem Srl G-OMEM.


AB412EP Vigili del Fuoco VF-59.

 AB412 Esercito Italiano MM81356 / EI-465.

AS350B3 GMH / E+S Air Srl I-EPIU.

AW139 Babcock MCS Italia I-VLTN.

AW139 Avionord / Fininvest I-CDDL.

AW139 Babcock MCS Italia I-SRNT.

AS350B3 Star Work Sky I-HASB.

R22B Elicompany I-HEFQ.

AW149 AgustaWestland I-PTFA [I-AWCE].

AS350B2 Eli-Fly I-ALWE.

AW169 Guardia di Finanza  CSX82000 / [GF-...].

H145 Babcock MCS Italia I-PTVR.

EC135T2+ Heliwest I-HELG.

Cabŕ Italfly Srl I-BUCH.

AW139 Polizia MM81818 / PS-111.

A109S Alidaunia I-LIDF.

AS350B3 SKY Aviation I-WILY.

AW169 Esercito Italiano CSX81993 / EI-109.

H125 E+S Air Srl SE-JVP.

NH500E A.M.I. MM81282 / 72-19.

EC145T2 Babcock MCS Italia I-BRXA.

AS350B3 Airgreen I-BMMB.

AW169 Babcock MCS Italia I-SMBA.

AW139 Carabinieri MM81968 / CC-01.

AW169 Esercito Italiano CSX81977 / EI-108.

AW139 Babcock MCS Italia I-MVRK.

AB412EP Vigili del Fuoco VF-127 [CFS27AL].

R22BII Elisem Roma Srl I-HCLB.

AB212 Polizia PS-57 / MM81639.

AS350B3 Elitellina EC-MOA.

AW109N Guardia di Finanza MM81702 / GF-314.

AS350BA Ariane Srl / Helipratello I-ARIC.



AB206BJRIII Eliabruzzo I-ZKRC.

R22B Elicompany I-HEFO.


AW139 Guardia di Finanza MM81961 / GF-413.

AW139 Leonardo Spa I-DPRA.

AS350B3 Eliossola I-DAST.

H145 T7-NKA.

SA316B Giana Helicopter F-GVLL.

AS350BA Metarsios Srl F-GULP.

AW169 Weststar NDD Srl I-WNDA.


AW109SP Air Corporate I-INTI.

AW139 Luxottica I-LUXT.

B206T T7-BTM.

H125 Airdelta Srl I-LARG.

AW139 A.M.I. CSX82007 / 15-63.


AW109E Elimarca I-GEST.

B505 Elicompany I-ECRX.

EC130B4 HoverFly I-IVIP.

AS350B3 Elitellina I-TALT.

H125 I-HCBB.

R22B Eurotech Srl / Jetstream Aviation Academy I-MMAA.


H145 Inaer Aviation Italia I-LIKO.

R44II Ariane Srl OE-XEX.

AW169 Leonardo I-AWCM.

AW139 Guardia Costiera MM81973 / 11-16.

H145 Airgreen Srl I-LEAF.

AW139 Vigili del Fuoco VF-145.

H125 Star Work Sky I-SVED.

S64F Erickson Inc. / Vigili del Fuoco N237AC.

EC145 Babcock MCS Italia I-EITH.

AW139 Babcock MCS Italia I-RJAH.

AS350B3 Air Service Center I-MGCC.

SA315B Airstar Elicotteri I-DENY.

AW109N Carabinieri MM81677 / CC-55.

AW109N Guardia di Finanza MM81690 / GF-309.

A109S Esperia Aviation Services / R.D.S. I-ESPI.

 AW109N Guardia di Finanza MM81705 / GF-316.

B407 Giana Helicopter HB-ZSP.

AS350BA Altitude Helicopters / Ariane I-GLOP.

AW189K Leonardo I-RAIU.


R22BII Eurotech I-IFRR.

AS350BA Mazza Group G-FIBS.

S64F Vigili del Fuoco I-CFAI / CFS-102.

AB412 Carabinieri MM81514 / CC-10.

AW149 Leonardo I-AWCU.

AW169 Babcock MCS Italia I-BBFI.

AW139 Leonardo Spa I-AWTW.

AW139 Weststar NDD Srl I-WNDD.

AW169 Elitaliana EI-FNT.


H135 Star Work Sky / HeliAir Gmbh OE-XVJ.

AW139 A.M.I. CSX82003 / 15-62.


AB139 Elilombarda I-CEPA.

H145 Babcock MCS Italia I-SLND.

AW169 Guardia di Finanza CSX82004 / [GF-...].

AW139 Polizia CSX81979 [PS-...].

AW169 Leonardo Spa I-AWTX.

AS355N HoverFly I-KEOV.

AS350B3 SKY Aviation I-AMVV.

H145 EliFriulia I-GOOO.

Cabŕ G2 Eurotech I-BUCH.

AW139 Vigili del Fuoco VF-147.

EC145T2 Babcock MCS Italia I-LMBD.

A109E Helicopter Services Malta 9H-TTT.

H145 Babcock MCS Italia I-HFRT.

MD900 Simplon Air / Giana Helicopter HB-ZCW.

AW139 Elitaliana EI-GGS.

AS350B3 Elimast I-DIUM.

AW109N Carabinieri MM81662 / CC-57.

AW139 Leonardo I-AWTJ.

A109AII Eurotech I-GREF.


AW139 Aeronautica Militare MM81805 / 15-49.

 AB412EP Carabinieri MM81693 / CC-37.

AW169 Leonardo I-AWCG.

AW169 Air Corporate I-EASI [I-IDIO].

AS350B3 E+S Air Srl I-ELTI.

AW139 Vigili del Fuoco I-EASW [VF-144].


R22B Elicompany I-HEFN.

AW169 Guardia di Finanza CSX81970 / GF-504.


AW139 Guardia di Finanza MM81964 / GF-414.

A109AII Eurotech Srl I-MMLL.

AS350B3 Elitellina I-DARJ.

R44 Alidaunia I-LIDH.

AB412 Vigili del Fuoco VF-118.


AW139 Carabinieri MM81967 / CC-02.

AS350B3 Elikos I-DUEK.

AW139 Polizia CSX81978 [PS-...].

A109S HoverFly I-ELFA.

AS350B3 Helimontblanc I-HBEP.

AS350B2 E+S Air Srl I-AMSH.

AW189 Leonardo Spa I-AWCU.

HH-139B Aeronautica Militare Italiana CSX81991.

B206G T7-PTM.

AS350B3 Elitellina I-LMXN.

AW189 Leonardo I-AWCU.

AW169 Babcock MCS Italia I-KLIO.

Cabŕ Eurotech Srl I-CABC.

H125 E+S Air I-MIAX.


CH-47F Esercito Italiano MM81788 / EI-711.

AW139 Guardia Costiera MM81910 / 11-11.

AW109N Guardia di Finanza MM81681 / GF-303.

AW139 Babcock MCS Italia I-LAQU.

AW109SP Ion Aviation Ltd EI-IAL.

AW109S Air Corporate I-WELL.

R44 Eurotech Srl G-IMMY.

AW139 Polizia MM81814 / PS-108.

 AS350B3 Air Service Center I-AMVT.

 AS350B3 Elitellina EC-MXN.

A109S Leonardo Spa I-AWTR.

AS350B3e E+S Air Srl / Heli Aosta Srl I-PHAX.

AW169 Guardia di Finanza CSX81965 / GF-502.

AW169 Elitaliana EI-FMP.

AS350B3 Ariane Srl I-ELIW.

AW139 Vigili del Fuoco VF-139.

A109E Air Service Center I-SCTA.

EC145T2 Babcock MCS Italia I-SUEM.

AW109SP Novaris I-CPFL.

AB412 FAASA / Air Walser I-GONI.

R22BII Eurotech I-HELD.

H125 Star Work Sky I-DDRG.

EC135T2 Heliwest I-HELP.

AW169 Weststar NDD Srl I-WNDC.





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