Aerospatiale SA316B Alouette III ( c/n 1390 ) - mfg: 1966 - Reg. History: A-390, F-GPAH, I-AIRU.

Ex I-AIRU ... tail boom added from another Alouette. Barneveld Museum, May 2022.

Ex I-AIRU ... fuselage just arrived at Alouette Museum Barneveld for a restoration project, March 2022.

I-AIRU Helops ... ready to operate on behanf of AIB Regione Marche. Aosta Airfield, June 2007.

I-AIRU Helops ... cabin close-up view. Aosta, April 2006.


I-AIRU Helops ... shining with its new paint scheme. Aosta, April 2006.

I-AIRU Helops ... fleet line-up views. Aosta, April 2006.

I-AIRU Helops ... wearing new paint scheme. Roma Urbe, March 2006.

I-AIRU Helops ... ready to be loaded on a cargo airplane, destination Colombo for Tsunami Relief. Milan Malpensa, January 2005.


I-AIRU Helops ... at Aosta Airfield, August 2005.

I-AIRU Helops ... resting in front of Aosta Airfield hangars, January 2004.


I-AIRU was broken up in 2008 for spares. Fuselage was acquired by Alouette Museum Barneveld in 2022 and transferred to Holland for static display. Will be preserved as original A-390.