I-VFAP / VF-28

Agusta-Bell AB206B Jet Ranger III ( c/n 8673 ) - mfg: 1982 - Reg. History: I-VFAP, VF-28 [VFAP].

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VF-28 Vigili del Fuoco ... ready for take off from Gallarate (VA), December 2008.

VF-28 & VF-23 Vigili del Fuoco ... lined-up at  Milan Malpensa VVF Heliport. February 2006.

VF-28 Vigili del Fuoco ... in a great winter day with Malpensa "Terminal 1" on the background, January 2006.

VF-28 Vigili del Fuoco ... VVF Heliport. Milan Malpensa, October 2003.

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