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LOUISVILLE, Feb. 29, 2016 – Robertson Fuel Systems (RFS), a HEICO Company and renowned provider of military-grade fuel systems, is finalizing development of its first fuel system for civil rotorcraft. The company, which has been developing the system with Vector Aerospace, will begin flight testing its Crash-Resistant Primary Fuel System (CRPFS) for AS350 helicopters this summer. Production would begin this fall.
“Robertson Fuel Systems has spent more than 40 years developing and perfecting military-grade auxiliary fuel systems for a variety of combat vertical-lift aircraft,” said Chief Executive Officer Newman Shufflebarger. “Our expertise as a global leader is enabling Robertson to transfer that knowledge to the civil market, where superior crash-resistant fuel tanks will make meaningful contributions to enhanced safety.”
The company will showcase its AS350 CRPFS at Heli-Expo Exhibit 8739, where RFS experts will be available to discuss the next-generation of safer crash-resistant civil fuel tanks for primary and auxiliary use. A second AS350 system will be shown at Vector Aerospace (Exhibit 7556). RFS products will also be displayed on two UH-60 BLACK HAWK helicopters in Exhibits 10760 and 12636.
The CRPFS is designed as a direct replacement for legacy systems in the AS350/EC130 series aircraft. The unique system features magneto resistive fuel quality transmitters and other innovations to keep the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tank from being compromised in the event of an accident.
“Civil aviation isn’t concerned with ballistic tolerance, but preventing damage caused by accidents or other conditions concerns everyone,” Shufflebarger said. “We’re trying to make flying safer for everyone and our goal is within reach.”  


BLR Moves to Certify FastFin System for H125 Helicopters in 2016.

LOUISVILLE, Feb. 29, 2016 – BLR Aerospace is working with Airbus Helicopters to certify the FastFin® Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability System on an H125 helicopter, the company announced today.
Proof of concept flight tests were successfully completed in 2015. BLR is nearing the end of its certification flight test program and is on track for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification of its new H125 system later this year. Approvals from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) are expected to follow.
Once certified, the system will be offered to the aftermarket and as an option on new H125s, according to Dave Marone, BLR’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
“We have been fortunate to work cooperatively with a world-class technical team from Airbus Helicopters in exploring the applicability of FastFin to the H125,” Marone said. “Their support has been instrumental in reaching this important milestone.”
BLR’s flight test program demonstrated that FastFin is well suited for the H125 and delivers important operating benefits, including improved wind azimuth tolerance and additional useful load in hover. Detailed performance data will be available once certification occurs, Marone said.
The FastFin system includes patented airflow modifiers at strategic locations on the tailboom, optimizing airflow around the tailboom to create an advantageous pressure differential between the left and right sides of the tailboom, dramatically improving tail rotor authority.
 “FastFin is a proven power, performance and revenue-enhancing technology,” Marone said. “We look forward to introducing it to the H125 operating community.”
One-thousand of BLR’s performance-enhancing FastFin systems have been installed on an assortment of commercial and military helicopters since the first system was certified more than a decade ago. The system is also standard, factory-installed equipment on all new Bell 412EP and EPI helicopters.



The Alouette III I-JANS was registered in Italy at the end of 1999 and operated with ETI 2000 from company’s mainbase in Qart (AO). For a short period was also operated by Air Walser (leased from ETI 2000) in Southern Italy during Etna Volcano eruption in 2002 and from their mainbase in Trontano (VB).


OPEN DAY – Corso droni 5 marzo 2016
Il 5 marzo, dalle 10.00 alle 16.30 vieni in Italfly per soddisfare le tue curiosità a proposito del mondo dei droni e del corso teorico e pratico per ottenere la certificazione di pilota APR.
Ingresso libero, contatto diretto con piloti, istruttori e il personale dell’Academy.

Prenota l’orario in cui iniziare il percorso Open Day, puoi scegliere:

Gruppo BLU – dalle 10.00 alle 12.30
Gruppo BIANCO – dalle 11.00 alle 13.30
Gruppo AZZURRO – dalle 14.00 alle 16.30

Il percorso prevede intervista con gli istruttori e spiegazione del corso, presentazione di Italfly Academy e possibilità di svolgere volo prova in doppio comando con un istruttore.


Droni il futuro oggi. Nuove tecnologie al servizio del territorio.

Il seminario “Droni il futuro oggi. Nuove tecnologie a servizio del territorio” rappresenta l’opportunità per conoscere il futuro dell’innovazione aerea e le innumerevoli applicazioni degli APR. La prima parte dell’evento, di carattere informativo, tratterà lo sviluppo tecnologico del comparto, i modelli e la struttura dei droni, la normativa in vigore e la sicurezza aerea. Un momento di ampio confronto, sotto forma di tavola rotonda e di domande&risposte con l’audience presente in sala, concluderà questa prima sessione.

Nella seconda parte del seminario verrà dato spazio ad alcune applicazioni specifiche quali la formazione dei piloti da parte delle scuole ed i possibili utilizzi dei droni in campo agricolo, industriale e civile, come ad esempio nella topografia, nell’archeologia, nella mappatura 3D, nella geologia e da parte della protezione civile.

Ti aspettiamo giovedì 3 marzo 2016 al Polo Meccatronica di Rovereto, in Via Fortunato Zeni 8, Auditorium Sala Piave.
Il seminario è aperto a tutti ed è gratuito.

Iscrizioni entro lunedì 1 marzo 2016, ore 13.



PRESS RELEASE – 26th February 2016

February 26, 2016, Delta, British Columbia, Canada – Heli-One, a leading global provider of helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services has sold three Airbus AS332 (L & L-1) Super Puma aircraft on behalf of CHC Helicopter (CHC) to Heli Austria, an operator serving the utility, EMS and charter industries in Europe. Heli-One will perform modifications and maintenance work to ready the aircraft for Heli Austria as well as provide ongoing MRO support and parts resourcing.
The three AS332s join Heli-Austria’s existing fleet of Bell, MD, and Airbus helicopters operating primarily in Austria.
“I am excited to add Super Pumas to our fleet which offer excellent value for capability and will diversify our operational reach and capabilities,” stated Roy Knaus, owner of Heli Austria. “Heli-One was a natural fit as a business partner by being able to facilitate the sale from CHC, their Super Puma expertise, and maintenance capabilities.”
“We are delighted to support Heli Austria’s addition of Super Pumas to their fleet,” said Anthony DiNota, President, Heli-One. “By offering quality, well maintained helicopters for purchase along with a full array of AS332 modifications, maintenance work, and training services we are exceptionally equipped to quickly make these aircraft mission-ready for Heli Austria and provide them with continued maintenance and mission support.”
Heli-One has more than 30 years of experience in providing AS332 support and maintenance work. In addition to extensive MRO capabilities, Heli-One also has a rich portfolio of mission-specific modifications covering a wide range of industries. For these three aircraft, Heli-One will de-configure from Oil & Gas and install Cargo Hooks to suit Heli Austria’s operational needs. The work will be performed between two facilities in Delta, Canada and Rzeszow, Poland. The aircraft will be delivered to Heli Austria this spring. –