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Another tragic accident today, 29th April, in the North Sea. Please visit the above link from Aviation Safety Network to retrieve more details and info from media.


My personal condolences to all the families, colleagues and friends of the involved passengers and crew on board.

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PRESS RELEASE – 25 April 2016

Erickson Selected as Vendor for Special Operations Transport in Northwest Africa.
Erickson to Support SOCAF in Five Year, $13M Contract
PORTLAND, Ore. — Erickson Incorporated (NASDAQ:EAC), a leading global provider of aviation services, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a five year, $13 million Blanket Purchase Agreement by the United States Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAF). Erickson is one of a few select vendors that will be providing “on demand” fixed wing aerial services to the U.S. Department of Defense, transporting personnel and equipment in the North and Western regions of Africa.
“Erickson is proud to be a part of the United States Special Operations African Command team,” said Brian Pierson, Vice President and General Manager of Erickson’s Global Defense and Security business unit. “This award demonstrates Erickson’s continued ability to deliver support to the U.S. military in one of the most austere and remote operating environments in the world.“
Currently, Erickson operates aircraft in Central and East Africa in support of USAFRICOM missions. Due to its operational footprint, Erickson is well positioned to provide “on demand” services. The contract commences immediately and has a period of performance extending through November 2021.
Erickson operates under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135, holding Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB) approval to operate both fixed and rotary wing aircraft for the U.S. Department of Defense. The company also offers passenger and cargo transport to the U.S. State Department and aligned government agencies and civilian contractors.
Erickson specializes in remote and austere operations, often in hostile areas. These missions include external load operations, passenger transport, cargo, combination loads, Low Cost/Low Altitude (LCLA) airdrops, Short Takeoff and Landing STOL and, MEDEVAC/CASEVAC. Additionally, the company’s aircraft can be equipped with Night Vision Goggles, Ballistic Protection, and Roller Systems.
The Global Defense and Security business unit at Erickson has a history of nearly 50 years of serving the U.S. and allied nations.



The H215 showcases its robustness and performance in Latin America.

  •   The H215 begins its demo tour of Argentina, Chile and Peru
  •   Civil and military customers will experience the multi-mission capabilities of this powerful helicopter first-handBuenos Aires (Argentina), April 19, 2016 – The H215 heavy helicopter, a member of the Super Puma family, will be demonstrating its multi-mission capabilities and performance for aerial work in high & hot conditions during a demo tour of Latin America.The demo flights will begin tomorrow in Argentina and will then continue in Chile before finishing in Peru. During this three-week tour, both civil and military customers in the region will be invited to discover the versatility of the helicopter.

    The H215 provides advanced avionics in a reliable and sturdy platform capable of performing a wide range of missions. It offers long-range capabilities, power, speed, an excellent useful payload as well as an availability rate of more than 95 percent. Both EASA and FAA certified, the H215 is equipped with cutting-edge technology that meets the latest safety requirements of the market. This includes a glass cockpit and the renowned 4-axis autopilot used on the H225, which provides flight envelope protection, unrivalled precision and stability even in the harshest operating conditions.

    “The H215 represents a new business concept. Changes to our industrial organization allow us to offer a powerful and modern helicopter at a very competitive price, with optimized lead times and major flexibility in terms of optional equipment,” said Alexandre Ceccacci, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters in Cono Sur. “It’s the ideal option for customers in the region looking for a cost- effective helicopter with multi-mission capabilities.”

    The H215 is tailored for a full range of missions, in particular aerial work with internal and external loads, fire fighting, law enforcement, medical evacuation, SAR, and humanitarian missions.

    The UN and several Latin American Armed Forces are among the customers having selected the H215 or its military version – H215M- for its cost efficiency, long range capabilities and outstanding performance in high and hot environments.




South Tangerang – On Monday, February 22nd, 2016, located in the hangar of PT Indopelita Aircraft Services in Pondok Cabe Airfield, was introduced the new helicopter AW 139 SAR belongs to BASARNAS.

This helicopter was produced in Italy, and had completed the assembly process which was fully carried out by subsidiary of PT. Pelita Air Service (PT PAS), namely PT Indopelita Aircraft Services (PT IAS).
It is an honor, where PT IAS managed to assemble a helicopter, which had undergone numerous tests and flight test and also got the military certification. PT IAS also cooperates with Finmeccanica in the maintenance of the aircraft.

The cooperation between both companies began in March 2015, when BASARNAS had signed a contract with Finmeccanica, an Agusta Westland helicopter manufacturing company, for the purchase of AW139 helicopters for search and rescue operational purposes. This agreement covers the training of air crews and technicians, as well as initial support package including rescue hoist, radar, cabin console and other rescue equipment.

SAR Helicopter AW139 is a medium class helicopter that is reliable and has twin-engines, which will strengthen the search and rescue operations in difficult terrain to reach both on land and at sea. With the ability to Search and Rescue (SAR) best-in-class, AW139 SAR has a passenger capacity of up to 15 people or 5 stretchers, and is capable of flying at speeds up to 310 kilometers per/hour, a distance of up to 1,250 kilometers with a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet, and endurance to fly up 6 hours to cope with the long search time.


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