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MUGELLO 2019 – New Photo Report Page

Thanks to Oscar BERNARDI for his contribution in order to realize this new Photo Report Page with full coverage of the MUGELLO 2019 – MotoGP Heli Shuttle Service … Mugello Race Circuit (FI), 1 June 2019.

A NEW Photo Report Page is now online … including lots of pics from Air Zermatt 50 years Anniversary event held in Raron (VS) in May 2018. Images © by Stefano & Gabriele PIROVANO.

PRESS RELEASE – 14 February 2018

Era Group celebrates 70 years of service.

Era Group Inc., one of the largest helicopter operators in the world and the longest serving helicopter transport operator in the United States, has commenced a year-long celebration of 70 years of service beginning in 1948.

Era’s founder, Carl Brady, learned to fly helicopters in Washington State where he formed Economy Pest Control. In 1948, Brady renamed his company Economy Helicopters and moved his Bell 47B helicopter to Alaska to support the U.S. Government’s mapping of the territory — the first use of a commercial helicopter in Alaska. By 1950, Brady’s Alaska-based company had moved into the petroleum support business and in 1958 merged with Rotor Aids, Inc. The first letters of Economy and Rotor Aids were combined, and the company became ERA Helicopters, Inc.

Rowan Companies, Inc. purchased Era Helicopters in 1967, and by 1970 the company was operating in the Gulf of Mexico, the Middle East and Africa. In 2004, SEACOR Holdings Inc. purchased then-named Era Aviation Inc. from Rowan to complement its existing aviation business, Tex-Air. On Feb. 1, 2013, Era Group Inc. began trading on the New York Stock Exchange as an independent public company following a spin-off from SEACOR. 

With a current fleet of more than 130 helicopters, Era has emerged as a leader in the helicopter industry providing an array of services including offshore personnel transport, emergency air medical, search-and-rescue, firefighting, utility, VIP transport and flightseeing services. Era also provides a variety of operating lease solutions and technical fleet support to third party operators.

“As we celebrate Era’s 70-year history as a pioneer in the aviation industry, we will continue our contribution to Era’s rich legacy by focusing on the company’s mission to provide safe, efficient and reliable helicopter services,” said Chris Bradshaw, Era’s president and chief executive officer. “I want to thank all of the Era team members, both past and present, for their contributions in making Era one of the global leaders in our industry.”


23-24 Settembre 2017

Visitate il sito per il programma completo delle due giornate di manifestazione aerea, contatti utili e altri dettagli.

WEBSITE NEWS: HAI Heli-Expo 2017 Photo Report Page Published on date 30 April 2017. Thanks to Andrea BERNARDI, Oscar BERNARDI & Gianfilippo COLASANTO for the complete Photo Report of the event held in Dallas, Texaxs, during March 2017.

17 March 1969 …

48 years ago the Sud-Aviation SA315B Lama made the first flight !

1969: SA315 “LAMA”
In 1968, in response to an invitation for bids from the Indian government, the Helicopter Division decided to combine the airframe of an Alouette II with the dynamic components of the Alouette III. The helicopter performed its first flight on March 17, 1969 with Roland Coffignot and Gérard Boutin at the crew.
It was initially planned to land the helicopter on top of the Himalayas. But authorization could not be obtained, and it was then decided that an attempt would be made to set a world record using the aircraft.
On June 21, 1972, Jean Boulet set the altitude record for all categories combined when he climbed to 12,442 meters. This officially certified record still stands today. The turbine also shut down due to the reduction in power, which means that the Lama also recorded the longest auto-rotation in the history of helicopter flying. Until the Ecureuil B3 came along, the Lama was the king of aerial mountain work thanks to the amazing amount of power it could generate for its weight. A total of 447 Lamas would be delivered by Sud Aviation / Aerospatiale. India also was licensed to manufacture the Lama under the name Cheetah.



During the last few days four new “historical” helicopters were displayed at Volandia.

After the departure from the Museum of the crashed relic of a Siai-Marchetti SM79, on display in a desertic environment, four new helicopters appeared (in the same environment). The first sight is not very nice, since they are in very poor conditions and also surrounded by relics.

Anyway we are now able to see one of the very few built Agusta-Bell AB102 (five in total) … serial number 001 (first prototype)


the only built Elicotteri Meridionali Agusta EMA 124 I-EMAF …


the prototype of the unique Agusta A115 I-AGUC …


… and the prototype of the unique Agusta A105 (two seats version).


A partire dal giorno 3 ottobre u.s. , il Museo Storico del Servizio Aereo della Guardia di Finanza di Pratica di Mare è finalmente aperto anche al pubblico.

Immagini © Maurizio Di TERLIZZI 2016


Appassionati, scolaresche e visitatori italiani e stranieri potranno prenotarsi sul sito del Museo Storico del Corpo su http://www.gdf.it o da Iride per gli appartenenti al Corpo. Il Museo occupa una superficie di quasi 1000 metri quadrati e presenta una collezione storica di tutto rispetto, composta da 5 elicotteri ed un aeroplano oltre che da una grande quantità di cimeli, tute ed equipaggiamenti da volo ed armi. La storia del Servizio Aereo è ampiamente descritta grazie a documenti, display e documentari che tracciano le origini di questa componente dal 1911 ai giorni nostri. I visitatori potranno provare l’ebbrezza del pilotaggio grazie ad un simulatore di volo e ripercorrere tutte le tappe dello sviluppo e dell’impiego dei mezzi aerei nelle varie epoche seguendo una visita guidata in italiano ed inglese. L’accesso per i disabili e tutta una serie di ausili informatici garantiscono assistenza e modernità a tutto vantaggio dei visitatori, che potranno prenotarsi nei giorni mercoledì e venerdì con orario 09.00 /12.30.

Immagini © Maurizio Di TERLIZZI 2016