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PRESS RELEASE – Rome, 25 June 2021

  • An acceptance ceremony took place in the presence of Italian Minister of Defence Lorenzo Guerini, Italian Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Alberto Rosso, Leonardo CEO Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo General Manager Lucio Valerio Cioffi and Leonardo Helicopters’ MD Gian Piero Cutillo.  
  • Minister Guerini: “National sovereignty, from a military and technological point of view, is preserved today also thanks to this level of excellence and to the synergies among institutions, Defence and industry. Italy has prime industrial capabilities and Leonardo symbolises a nation, which can leverage a top world-class Aerospace, Defence and Security industry.”    
  • Profumo: “We are proud to represent world-class rotorcraft technology excellence, which is able to maintain Leonardo and Italy at the forefront of innovation in an increasingly strategic, highly competitive sector.”  

Today Italian Minister of Defence Lorenzo Guerini and Italian Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Alberto Rosso attended the acceptance ceremony of an Italian Air Force HH-139B helicopter during an official visit to Leonardo’s helicopter facility in Vergiate (Italy). Leonardo CEO Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo General Manager Lucio Valerio Cioffi, and Leonardo Helicopters’ MD Gian Piero Cutillo were also in attendance. During the visit to the facility, the Authorities were shown the Company’s industrial capabilities, products and advanced technologies, which are fully representative of Leonardo’s leadership in the vertical flight domain and preserve in-country strategic technological capabilities. 

The HH-139B is a dedicated Air Force variant of the AW139 type. The aircraft will be used for a wide range of missions including SAR – Search and Rescue, fire-fighting, Slow Mover Interceptor. 

Italian Minister of Defence Lorenzo Guerini said: ““National sovereignty, from a military and technological point of view, is preserved today also thanks to this level of excellence and to the synergies among institutions, Defence and industry. Italy has prime industrial capabilities and Leonardo symbolises a nation, which can leverage a top world-class Aerospace, Defence and Security industry.”  

Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo, said: “We are proud to provide our capability so that the Italian Air Force’s major duties such as supporting the national community and homeland security are guaranteed. The HH-139B is an iconic product fully representative of national industry’s technology excellence and international competitiveness. The facility in Vergiate – the largest Leonardo helicopter final assembly line with more than 1,000 employees – shows outstanding rotorcraft capabilities in terms of products, manufacturing processes, and professional skills, and is able to maintain Leonardo and Italy at the forefront of innovation in an increasingly strategic and highly competitive sector.” 

Over 1,200 AW139s have been sold to more than 280 customers in over 70 countries, including more than 80 for Italian government operators (Air Force, Guardia di Finanza, State Police, Coast Guard, National Firefighting Department and Carabinieri), plus emergency medical service operators. This helicopter model benefits from advanced digital technology solutions, for both flight and missions as well as training (pilots and maintenance technicians) and support. The helicopter’s state-of-the-art satellite navigation and synthetic vision system has 3D representations of the external environment on cockpit displays even in poor visibility conditions, advanced collision avoidance and proximity systems, mission sensors and an automatic flight control system, which is able to assist the crew during SAR and hoisting in harsh environmental and weather conditions. The AW139 also features modern predictive maintenance and diagnostics solutions allowing accurate, rapid assessment and data processing on the health and usage of aircraft components. This allows more efficient maintenance activities increasing operational effectiveness and safety. Both flight and maintenance training are extensively delivered in virtual environments and simulation. Crews can therefore maximise their ability to use equipment and leverage the best performance of the product during missions. Maintenance technicians can leverage virtual training therefore increasing technical assistance quality and reliability. All of these capabilities bring greater safety to operations.    

The majority of Leonardo helicopters that are manufactured, and the largest number of its helicopter types in the product portfolio, are assembled at Vergiate facility. Components from Leonardo’s Centres of Excellence in Italy and abroad (airframes, dynamics, avionics, equipment), in addition to the wider supply chain, are gathered and then enter the production process to build the complete helicopter. This is customised, tested, and delivered to Italian and international customers. A major logistics centre is also based in Vergiate for spare parts storage and management and for technical support assisting Leonardo’s helicopter global fleet, which comprise more than 5,000 units that are used by over 1,200 operators in more than 150 countries. 

PRESS RELEASE – Rome, 11 January 2021

  • The VVIP-configured aircraft, to be operated by the Colombian Air Force, is expected to be delivered in Spring this year 
  • The AW139’s success in Colombia grows further with five offshore transport units already in service in the country; the AW139M military variant is being offered by Leonardo to meet national military requirements 
  • Over 400 Leonardo civil and military helicopters are in service in Latin America today

The Leonardo AW139 intermediate twin-engine helicopter will be the new Presidential Transport helicopter in the Republic of Colombia. The aircraft, in a special VVIP configuration, is expected to be delivered in spring this year and will be operated by the Colombian Air Force. 

The supply of this helicopter will make the Colombian Air Force the first military customer of the type in the country and will expand the existing AW139 fleet in Colombia. The model has already proven successful for civil transport operations supporting the Oil & Gas industry, with five units in service used by prime operator Helistar S.A.S.

The Presidential AW139 will feature, among others, an eight-seat configuration in the largest cabin in its category, the highest safety standards and include a self-defence suite, typically integrated into other helicopters in the Head of State/Government transport role. 

The selection of the AW139 VVIP in Colombia confirms the leading role of Leonardo in the world’s VIP multiengine helicopter market with a 40% share and grows the success of the type across Latin America for a range or roles, including VIP and offshore transport, law enforcement and public services. A successful model in the global military market thanks to its outstanding performance in hot & high, payload, versatility, latest technologies and modern serviceability approach often replacing the ageing UH-1 series, the AW139M military variant is also being proposed by Leonardo to respond to the multirole requirements of the Air Force, Army, National Police and Navy in Colombia. With over 400 civil and military helicopters in service in Latin America today, Leonardo is a major force in the rotorcraft sector across the region. 

The AW139 sets new standards as a result of its advanced technology, high performance, reliability, safety, role flexibility and cabin space. Its modern avionics reduce crew workload allowing the pilot to focus on the mission. Orders for nearly 1,200 units in over 70 countries have been placed by more than 280 customers worldwide and nearly 1,100 helicopters are in service with more than 2.9 million flight hours logged in operations to date, confirming itself as the bestselling aircraft in its category. The AW139 has also found significant success for VVIP and Government transport duties worldwide thanks to its outstanding reliability, safety, comfort, customisation and versatility.  

COMUNICATO STAMPA N. 39/2020 – ROMA, 01 Dicembre 2020

Il 30 novembre è atterrato il primo esemplare dell’elicottero HH139B destinato a completare ed a rafforzare la flotta di elicotteri del 15° Stormo e dei Centri/Gruppi SAR alle sue dipendenze.

L’elicottero è stato consegnato il 27 novembre, presso gli stabilimenti di Leonardo in Vergiate (VA), a seguito della positiva conclusione delle procedure di collaudo e accettazione condotte dal personale della Direzione Armamenti Aeronautici e per l’Aeronavigabilità (DAAA), congiuntamente agli uomini del dipendente Ufficio Tecnico Territoriale di Milano (UTT) ed il supporto del Reparto Sperimentale Volo dell’Aeronautica Militare.

Gli HH139 versione “B” andranno a completare la flotta di elicotteri HH139A già in dotazione alla Forza Armata.

La consegna degli elicotteri terminerà nel 2021 e vedrà la consegna di 17 esemplari versione “B” ai Gruppi Volo di Cervia ed ai Centri S.A.R.  (Search and Rescue) dislocati sul territorio nazionale (80° Centro CSAR di Decimomannu a Cagliari, 82° Centro CSAR di Trapani, l’84° Centro CSAR di Gioia del Colle ed 85° Centro CSAR di Pratica di Mare).

La nuova versione HH139B presenta alcuni accorgimenti tecnici che permettono di migliorare la capacità operativa e ad aumentare pertanto la flessibilità d’impiego per rispondere alle emergenze ed alle esigenze di sicurezza.

In particolare la nuova versione è stata dotata di un doppio verricello che aumenta l’affidabilità del sistema e la sicurezza durante le operazioni di recupero e di unamission consolleche consente una migliore gestione degli apparati di bordo ai fini della ricerca di eventuali dispersi. Inoltre, il peso massimo al decollo è stato aumentato, da 6800kg a 7000kg, il che permette una maggiore capacità di carico ed infine è stata aggiornata con sistemi di ultima generazione l’avionica ed i sensori di bordo (come ad esempio il sistema AIS – Automatic Identification System – che consente una migliore interazione con i mezzi navali e l’OPLS – Obstacle Proximity LIDAR System – che favorisce l’identificazione e la separazione con gli ostacoli orografici.

Il 15° Stormo ha il compito di recuperare gli equipaggi in difficoltà in tempo di pace (SAR – Ricerca e soccorso) ed in tempo di crisi ed in operazioni fuori dai confini nazionali (C/SAR – Combat SAR), di supporto alle Operazioni Speciali nonché di concorrere in caso di gravi calamità ad attività di pubblica utilità quali la ricerca di dispersi in mare o in montagna, il trasporto sanitario d’urgenza di ammalati in pericolo di vita ed il soccorso di traumatizzati gravi , il trasporto in bio-contenimento e, di recente, anche il supporto all’attività di antincendio boschivo. Il livello addestrativo degli equipaggi, le caratteristiche tecnologiche degli elicotteri in dotazione nonché l’impiego di apparecchiature e tecniche speciali, quali l’utilizzo di visori notturni, fanno spesso del 15° Stormo l’unica componente elicotteristica in grado di gestire con successo le situazioni di emergenza più complesse grazie, come ad esempio, alla capacità d’impiego di giorno, di notte e in condizioni meteo marginali. Ogni volta che un elicottero del 15° Stormo si alza in volo o sta salvando una vita umana, o si sta addestrando per farlo. Dalla sua costituzione ad oggi infatti, gli equipaggi del 15° Stormo hanno salvato oltre 7200 persone in pericolo di vita.