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PRESS RELEASE – 09 March 2022

The companies will be pioners in providing this type of service in Latin America, known globally as a highly efficient prevention and maintenance method, becoming a milestone for both the electricity industry and the national aeronautical sector.

More than 18 years of experience in the aeronautical industry, a company that has the largest and most modern fleet of helicopters in the southern cone, add to the trajectory of bbosch, a company that has more than 60 years of excellence in the industry metalworking and development and electrical infrastructure, in order to launch in the region the air washing service of insulators by helicopter.
The development of this new system in Chile has been carried out a few years ago in Europe, Africa and North America, and it has the highest electrical and aeronautical safety standards in the market, achieving, moreover, making washing operations more efficient in time and resources.The Ecocopter-bbosch alliance seeks to positively impact the country in the electrical maintenance market with insulation washes that improve the sustainability and reliability of energy systems. The washing of insulators by helicopters allows access to high and medium voltage power transmission lines in all types of geographical areas, faster washing and the use of less water.

Regarding the washing procedure, once the system has been installed in the helicopter and the transfer to the work area has been carried out, the system tank is filled with demineralized water, to then take off and fly to the line according to planning. Once on site, the aircraft is positioned to one side of the tower and the washing of the chains begins from a turret that expels pressurized water, all controlled by an operator who is located next to the helicopter. In this way, it is possible to eliminate the dirt and waste generated by pollution, salinity and the passing of time in these conditions, which occur especially in the northern part of the country.

The characteristics of this advanced washing system allow you to work quickly and efficiently, since approximately 30 to 90 seconds are used for each washed chain (depending on the size). Added to this, given the characteristics of the equipment, significant savings in water management are
expected, since, compared to traditional land-based methods, the helicopter washing system uses 84% less demineralized water.

Definitely, it is estimated that, with this system, the insulation chain washing works are up to 500% more efficient compared to the traditional land method.

The objective of these works is to keep the insulation chains in an optimal state of cleanliness, in order to avoid possible cuts in the line that could affect citizens. The National Electric System (SEN) includes electricity generation, transmission and distribution facilities, which encompass range from the Arica Parinacota region to the Los Lagos region. This system is the largest nationwide, since it has 35,501 km of transmission lines in 3,100 km of territory, providing electricity to a large part of the country. An electrical system of this magnitude requires arobust maintenance in all its phases and areas “For us it is a great milestone to incorporate this technology in Chile. We acquired a washing system with international and exclusive certification to install them on any helicopter in our AS350 fleet, in addition to training our crews with experts from Europe. With this we aim to have a worldwide technical and human capacity, in order to carry out a job of excellence in terms of productivity, efficiency and prevention of occupational risks, responding to the needs of our clients safely and in the expected times”, says José Tomás Díaz, Business Development at Ecocopter. The alliance with Ecocopter reinforces our vision of innovation and exploration of new businesses in order to be more competent with our clients. We are specialists in the industry and we incorporate into our processes solutions that integrate quality, compliance and innovation to respond in a sustainable way to the needs of a connected, competitive and dynamic world. We will carry out the washing of high voltage line insulators with the highest electrical and aeronautical safety standards in the market”, highlights Pablo Bosch Kreis, Manager of Planning, Development and New Businesses at bbosch.
With regard to safety in this type of aeronautical activity, Ecocopter has International BARS Certification (International Operational Safety), FDM System (real-time tracking), safety management system (SMS), in addition to an intense training program for the crews.

PRESS RELEASE – 9 March 2022

One of the most modern helicopters in the world, -in the twin-engine category-, begins its operations in Chile.

This is the second Airbus H145, which will overfly the country, joining the Ecocopter fleet, thus consolidating its leadership in the Southern Cone of America.

Santiago de Chile. In Chile, there was only one aircraft of this type acquired by Ecocopter, the first national firm to incorporate this “colossus of the air” into its modern fleet. Nevertheless, the Chilean company, the only operator of this helicopter in the country, added a second H145 that began operations to provide multipurpose services.

This twin-turbine aircraft, manufactured in Germany, with a capacity for 8 passengers, state-of-the-art helionix avionics that reduces pilot load, increases safety and operational efficiency in flight, in addition to having power and versatility, will be available to develop the most various aerial works, including high-precision flights, in the high mountains, transfers, hanging cargo, aeromedical emergencies (HEMS), among others.

Because of its safety and power characteristics in high-altitude conditions, the H145 became the first new-generation twin-engine helicopter for the utility market in Chile, consolidating air services with in high safety standards for this type of mission, especially in the mining sector. Where today it is present in about 95% of its operation. He will also work in the areas of energy, telecommunications and forestry, among others.

Before starting operations, the new H145 had to go through an exhaustive scheduled maintenance process as indicated in the manufacturer’s manual, besides getting the certification issued by the DGAC.
“For us it is a new milestone to introduce the H145 in Chile, where we have established ourselves in highly complex services, permanently renewing our fleet and incorporating new technologies with first-rate crews. With the start of operations, our company maintains its leadership in the helicopter industry with an eye on the safety, innovation and efficiency that we make available to our customers”, says Francisco Arriagada, Commercial Manager of Ecocopter.

The H145 not only has remarkable capabilities for different operations, but also has great performance at high altitudes, allowing it to carry out high-tonnage precision loads. Its four-bladed main rotor has a low noise level, it is optimal for missions of all kinds, especially in harsh environments and congested areas, such as large cities. It also has the FDM system to provide even greater safety throughout the flight process.

Another advantage of the H145 is its great versatility and the possibility of being quickly reconfigured for other missions, such as emergency medical transport. With its spacious cabin, flat floor and the ease of loading offered by sliding side doors and double rear doors, the H145 is the best helicopter in its class for this type of operation.

It is a full helicopter that offers technology, safety and performance; autonomy of 3 hours, a cruising speed of 235 km/h, and a flight ceiling of 20 thousand feet. All this added to an elegance and style that is appreciated from takeoff to landing.