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PRESS RELEASE – Atlanta, GA. 7 March 2023

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation invites all rotorcraft enthusiasts to discover the new and improved Enstrom at this year’s HAI HELI-EXPO in Atlanta.

The annual event features networking opportunities and hundreds of education courses with more than 14,000 industry professionals. A lot has changed for Enstrom since last year’s HELI-EXPO. New, visionary ownership has brought about company-wide revitalization.

We are ramping up production and reenergizing our current product line with new features we can’t wait to tell you about. “Enstrom is back and buzzing with activity,” said Incoming President Todd Tetzlaff. “We are looking forward to sharing the latest on our progress and where we are headed with our customers and anyone else who is curious about the new Enstrom.” Todd will be on the show floor this week alongside our new Chief Operating Officer Adam Richardson and new owner Chuck Surack.

We invite all HELI-EXPO guests to come and connect with Enstrom’s new leadership team in booth C2820. Todd, Adam, and Chuck each share a contagious passion for helicopters, a passion that will prove instrumental in crafting Enstrom’s next chapter. Two of Enstrom’s latest helicopter models will also be on display at our booth. We’re preparing to make several major announcements before the HELI-EXPO concludes Thursday. We encourage anyone unable to make it to the show in person to sign up for our newsletter at enstromhelicopter.com.

PRESS RELEASE – Dallas, TX, March 8, 2022

MidTex Aviation, LLC (“MidTex”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation (“Enstrom”), and plans to reopen the factory in Menominee, MI. 

The asset purchase agreement was approved by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Michigan as part of The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.

Kevin Griffin, MidTex’s Principal, said, “We are extremely excited about acquiring these assets, restarting the former Enstrom facility, and expanding the scope of the business.  We already have a number of former Enstrom employees working with us on a contract basis.  After closing, we expect to make job offers to a substantial number of former Enstrom employees.”  

MidTex expects to operate through a new entity, to be named Enstrom Aerospace Industries.  The new business will providee parts and support to existing owners, as well as new helicopters.  In addition, the new company plans to expand into providing engineering services and component manufacturing for other OEM’s.  Upon closing, MidTex will acquire all of the former Enstrom parts, owned aircraft, tooling, materials, drawings, intellectual property, factory buildings and airport lease.

“This was just too good of an opportunity to pass up,” said Michael Dixon, Aviation Manager for MidTex.  “Not only will we get a turn-key helicopter manufacturer with a great brand and an established customer base, we will also get an excellent springboard to launch an aerostructures and component manufacturing business.  Most people don’t realize that Enstrom was vertically integrated, building nearly 90% of the helicopters under one roof.  They had the facilities to build almost anything.”  Dixon is also excited about the company’s engineering capabilities. “Enstrom had a great relationship with the FAA, and a proven track record of getting certifications quickly and efficiently.  Likewise, we look forward to working with the FAA to expand to other aerospace projects, including eVTOL’s, fixed wing, military equipment, and other advanced air mobility products,” said Dixon.

According to Matt Francour, former President of Enstrom, “The former employees and management team couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to work for a new company operating the facility.  This was the best possible outcome.  There are a lot of Enstrom helicopter owners out there who have been holding their breath, and now they can breathe a sigh of relief.”  Francour’s sentiments were echoed by Dennis Martin, former Director of Sales and Marketing for Enstrom.  Martin said, “Not only will MidTex bring financial backing to operate the facilities and expand the business, it has a real vision for the future that goes beyond just building helicopters.  MidTex plans to invest and grow the company in a meaningful way.  It’s incredibly exciting.”

With the expected new ownership structure after closing the sale, the question for many customers shifts to when they can order parts and new aircraft.  “Soon,” says Francour.  “It’s going to take a little time to close the sale transaction, get the employees back, and get production ramped up.  But, MidTex understands that the immediate priority is restoring support to the fleet.”

Kevin Griffin of MidTex said, “This is a unique opportunity to acquire unique assets and put capable people back to work in an exciting industry.  After closing, we look forward to working with customers, suppliers, and other parties to make this business a success.”

HELI-EXPO 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – 27 February 2018

Enstrom 280FXs accepted by the Global Services and Solutions of Pakistan.

Menominee, MI, February, 2018 – During the week of February 5th, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation completed a successful acceptance of 4 piston 280FX helicopters to Global Services and Solutions of Pakistan. A team of inspectors from Global Services & Solutions led by co-owner Mr. Abdul Khaliq Awan and Mr. Ali Muhammad led the acceptance after a week-long inspection process at the Enstrom factory in Menominee; MI. The aircraft are scheduled to depart the factory the end of February and arrive in Pakistan in March. Mr. Khaliq Awan said, “The acceptance went smoothly and we are looking forward to the aircraft arriving in country.” These will be the first Enstrom aircraft to be sold into Pakistan. Tracy Biegler, CEO of Enstrom Helicopter added: “We feel the Enstrom 280FX is the ideal training helicopter to operate in the difficult climate conditions of Pakistan. We look forward to our partnership with Global Service and Solutions for long term
business growth in Pakistan” Global Services & Solutions is an approved Enstrom Representative in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and provides aviation, and other support services for their customers in Pakistan.

ANSV NEWS – 10 Maggio 2017

Incidente elicottero in Alto Adige.

L’ANSV ha aperto un’inchiesta di sicurezza sull’incidente occorso oggi 10 maggio all’elicottero Enstrom 480B, marche di identificazione N480W, nei pressi di Fundres (Bolzano). Deceduto il pilota, unico occupante.
L’Agenzia nazionale per la sicurezza del volo ha contestualmente disposto l’invio di un proprio investigatore sul sito dell’incidente.