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PRESS RELEASE – Marignane, 18 December 2020

Airbus Helicopters and its historical partner Héli-Union have signed a contract for the purchase of two multi-mission H160s to address a wide range of operations.

 “We are excited to be one of the first customers to onboard the H160 which will expand our fleet of 40 helicopters. We believe this program will have a great future in both civil and defence sectors and are delighted to be an actor of its growth” said Patrick Molis, Héli-Union CEO.

“We are proud that Héli-Union, with its vast experience across the globe, especially in offshore transportation, has selected the H160 to bolster its fleet of Airbus helicopters,” said Bruno Even, Airbus Helicopters CEO. “The H160 not only raises the bar in terms of safety, thanks to its numerous pilot assistance features, but its reduced fuel consumption brings much needed operational competitiveness, as well as a lower carbon footprint, to the market,” he added. 

With 68 patents, the H160 integrates Airbus Helicopters’ latest technological innovations aimed at increasing safety and comfort.  The Blue Edge blades and the largest shrouded Fenestron tail rotor ensure low sounds levels and deliver high end performance at the same time. The aircraft’s compact size will be an added advantage to landing on oil platforms.  Designed as a multi-mission helicopter aimed at addressing all major missions from offshore transportation, emergency medical services, search and rescue as well as other public service missions, the inherent flexibility of the H160 will suit all kinds of operations around the world.

Héli-Union currently operates a fleet of approximately 20 Airbus helicopters from the Dauphin, the H225, and the H145 families and maintains a wide range of Airbus Helicopters products for third parties such as civil or defence operators.

Héli-Union is a French operator and service provider with 60 years of experience in technical and logistical support to various civil and military organizations around the world. They are active in several markets: support of civil and state aircraft activities in France and abroad, operation of helicopters in various countries, as well as training of pilots and technicians. This experience allows Héli-Union to offer its customers a turnkey solution for the acquisition of new air assets and the deployment of air operations. Héli-Union is therefore positioned as a global partner, offering a wide range of services in order to support its customers in the implementation of air services.

Priority 1 Air Rescue Press Release – January 2016
Heli-Union and Priority 1 Air Rescue partner to provide emergency SAR service.
Heli-Union, a worldwide leader in rotary aircraft services, has launched the first commercially based offshore helicopter search-and-rescue (SAR) program in France.
This newly formed helicopter SAR program is currently focused for emergency response and support dedicated for the offshore oil and gas industry and will commence service in November 2016, based out of its Yangon, Myanmar facility.
Heli-Union will be utilizing its newly acquired AgustaWestland AW139 helicopters equipped with a 600 pound capable external rescue hoist to perform these emergency services.
This highly specialized mission capability is being offered and provided in partnership with Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR). Heli-Union selected P1AR for initial to advanced mission training; full program implementation and CAA Human Hoist Operations (HHO) certification support, SAR Ops manuals, and also includes operational aircrew rescue swimmer staffing.
“Thanks to our partner P1AR, we were able to develop a new and robust SAR operations capability, which is now proposed to our customers in addition to medevac/crew change operation. P1AR experience and high standards were key factor of success to achieve this objective,” said Jean-Baptiste OLRY, Heli-Union head of operations.
Heli-Union’s mission training commenced at Priority 1 Air Rescue Search and Rescue Tactical Training Academy (SART/TAC) located in Nîmes France, where the student participants attended ground school, hoist tower training, and virtual search-and-rescue flight simulation. P1AR instructors then travelled from SART/TAC to La Rochelle, France to complete the onsite inland, ocean, and advanced maritime vessel pilot live flight training.
“It’s a privilege to partner with Heli-Union,” said Brad Matheson, “like our very successful partnership with Era Helicopters, this opportunity is laying further foundation for our long term growth throughout the SAR sector via commercial partnerships with leaders in the rotorcraft industry.
“P1AR has experience hoisting on the AB/AW139s since 2007, and has trained 12 separate customers in advanced hoist mission SAR on the AW139 alone, this contract with Heli-Union to implement a turn-key SAR training and operation solution further demonstrates our company’s strengths, and the importance in having relevant and proven mission experience and full CAA SAR program implantation capability.”
Photo courtesy Priority 1 Air Rescue