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ANSV NEWS – 7 Novembre 2023.

A seguito dell’incidente che venerdì 3 novembre ha coinvolto l’elicottero Bell 505 marche di registrazione I-ECJX, a Noto (SR), l’ANSV ha immediatamente aperto un’inchiesta di sicurezza e inviato un proprio investigatore sul luogo dell’evento, che, il giorno successivo, ha svolto il sopralluogo operativo.

Lievi ferite per i tre occupanti, estesi danni all’aeromobile.

For further details please visit the following Aviation Safety Network address: https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/347554


Elicompany’s Bell 505 flew 1000 flight hours in just 10 months.

As one of the most capable aircraft in its class, the Bell 505 Jet X Ranger is admired for its versatility, visibility, and reliability. And our customers know this all too well. Elicompany, an operator based in central and northern Italy, recognizes the benefits of owning and operating a Bell 505, evident through its 1000 flight hours in just 10 months. This continuous aircraft usage made the Italian company one of the top 10 high time 505 operators in the world – a true testament to our customer’s love for the platform.

Elicompany was founded in 1979 by its current CEO Calisto Forghieri. For more than 40 years, the operator has been known for its experience and knowledge in the helicopter industry. Their fleet includes more members of the Bell family with a Bell 427, Bell 407GX/GXP, and Bell 206. The company utilizes its large Bell fleet for passenger transfers, scenic flights, and aerial work including powerline and pipeline inspection missions for top oil and electrical companies in Italy.

“For our aerial work missions, we rely on very precise planning and we can only plan when you can count on the aircraft. The Bell 505 has proven to be very reliable for our missions,” said Cristian Forghieri, Elicompany. “As a pilot, flying with four people, equipment, and a full fuel tank in the 505 it’s remarkable to see how much power the aircraft provides to hover over worksites. The aircraft is quick with a light design making it the best aircraft for our missions.”

Through excellent engineering and design, our teams have built an incredible platform with a unique quality that customers recognize and respect.

“When you’re working with the 505, flying with it, you realize right away it was developed by Bell,” said Cristian Forghieri, Elicompany. “I’ve always loved Bell products. The quality, design, and Bell’s vision of developing and building its products. The team always knows how to make you feel like part of the family.”

Bell B505 Jet Ranger X ( c/n 65218 ) I-ECJX
Bell B505 Jet Ranger X ( c/n 65218 ) I-ECJX
Bell B505 Jet Ranger X ( c/n 65218 ) I-ECJX

Thanks to Elicompany for these first images of the factory new Bell B505 Jet Ranger X 2019 I-ECJX [ex C-GIRI]. The helicopter flew from Antwerpen to Budrione di Carpi, at the end of May, completing the European delivery leg.