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A new Photo Report Page dedicated to the event held in Vergiate (VA) on day 24th January 2023 is now available. 55 images will cover completely the delivery cerimony.

My special thanks to Leonardo Helicopters Communication / Ufficio Stampa for the possibility given to follow the event and picture the new helicopter for the website readers.


Thanks to Alessandro SIGNORINI and Fabrizio MARTELOZZO for these images of the historical Agusta-Bell AB206B Jet Ranger III I-DACG operated by Agusta Elicotteri, AgustaWestland and Leonardo Spa as basic trainer helicopter during the years, from 1983 till 2016.

PRESS RELEASE – Philadelphia, 21 April 2020

  • First Leonardo helicopter to feature a longitudinal roll-on stretcher system for specialty care transport
  • A custom medical configured cabin will deliver the highest quality of patient care and meet the most recent US helicopter air ambulance standards for safety and operability
  • Over 220 orders for AW169s have been placed by countries including Italy, UK, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and the United States

Leonardo announced today that the Health Care District of Palm Beach County, FL — a Federal Aviation Administration certificated air carrier in southern Florida also known as Trauma Hawk — has signed a contract to purchase two light-intermediate AW169 helicopters.

Palm Beach County is the largest county by area in Florida with more than 2,300 square miles. The District maintains a well-organized instrument flight rules (IFR) infrastructure combining special instrument approaches and transition routing plus an extensive FAA approved IFR pilot training program to provide service during inclement weather. The AW169 is also equipped with Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) GPS, a precise navigational aid, to further enhance safe approaches and landings during low visibility.
The AW169 features a spacious 222 cubic ft. cabin — similar in size to models in the intermediate weight category — with flexible interior layouts providing 360-degree patient access essential for critical care. Capable of rapid patient transport, Trauma Hawk’s custom medical configured cabin will enable the highest quality of care and meet the most recent US helicopter air ambulance standards for safety and operability. The helicopters will be the first from Leonardo to feature a longitudinal roll-on stretcher system to minimize workload and patient movement during loading and unloading.
With more power and range than competing light-intermediate twin helicopters, the AW169 can travel up to 440 nautical miles, top speed at 160 knots and climb to 14,500 feet. Latest generation avionics includes a four-axis, dual-duplex digital automatic flight control system and a full night vision goggle (NVG) compatible digital glass cockpit with three 8-inch by 10-inch displays. Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) mode allows the AW169 cabin to stay “power on” with rotor blades stopped creating a safe, quiet and comfortable environment for care and setting a new standard for helicopter EMS operations.
With orders for over 220 AW169s placed by customers worldwide for a range of missions, the type has already been chosen by rescue and parapublic operators in several nations including Italy, UK, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and the United States.


AgustaWestland/Leonardo AW139 Photo Page
AgustaWestland AW139 ( c/n 31087 ) I-AWTJ

Thanks to Luigi PISANO / AVIAPHOTOS for this great image of the AgustaWestland AW139 I-AWTJ operated from Leonardo Spa … the helicopter was used to transfer medical support material during COVID relief operations. Milan Malpensa, April 2020.

PRESS RELEASE – Rome, 08 April 2020

Leonardo announced today the closing of the acquisition of Kopter Group AG (Kopter) from Lynwood (Schweiz). The purchase price, on a cash and debt free basis, consists of a $185 million fixed component plus an earn-out mechanism linked to certain milestones over the life of the programme, starting from 2022. 
The acquisition of Kopter allows Leonardo to further strengthen its worldwide leadership and position in the rotorcraft sector, in line with the Industrial Plan’s objectives for the reinforcement of the core businesses. 

I-DPRA – Heli image of the day

Thanks to Tiziano CAPENTI for this image of the AgustaWestland AW139 I-DPRA owned by Leonardo Spa … now wearing full Weststar Aviation color scheme. Venegono (VA), February 2020.