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PRESS RELEASE – Paris, 20 June 2023

Leonardo and Mukamalah Aviation company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco) celebrated a major achievement for the operator’s AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopter fleet setting a 200,000 flight hours milestone in operations. The event was celebrated at the Paris Air Show today. 

Mukamalah’s CEO, Khalid Alnatour said: “As the leading corporate operator, Mukamalah is proud to be the first helicopter operators in the MENA region to achieve this significant milestone. This success would not be possible without our strong partnership with Leonardo Helicopters.”

“We congratulate our partner Mukamalah Aviation company for this amazing operational milestone. This has been set thanks to a unique combination of outstanding professional skills and expertise in top class helicopter services at Mukamalah and the unmatched capabilities and technologies embedded into our AW139. We’re glad to be part of their success delivering critical support to the energy industry and the national community and we’re committed to sustaining Mukamalah to reach greater and greater operational goals with their AW139s in the future,” said Gian Piero Cutillo, Leonardo Helicopters’ Managing Director

One of the largest operators of Leonardo helicopters in the Middle East, Mukamalah Aviation company has been operating AW139s since 2008 and AW109 light twins since 2006, mainly to perform offshore transport missions in Saudi Arabia in support of the oil and gas industry. Today’s Mukamalah AW139 fleet consists of 24 units and additional new 3 AW139s to be delivered this year. The AW139 has outstanding hot and high performance, cabin space, and flight/navigation technology making it ideally suited for Mukamalah effective, efficient, and safe operational needs. 

The world’s most important helicopter programme since its certification in 2004 and the bestselling type in its category, the AW139 has logged orders for over 1,300 units from more than 290 operators in almost 90 countries to date for all missions. The global AW139 fleet has exceeded 3.7 million flight hours logged to date. The type features state-of-the-art avionics with advanced navigation and collision avoidance systems to enhance situational awareness and reduce pilots’ workload. It has unmatched speed, power margins and overall performance. The AW139 has the widest cabin in its category, featuring high modularity for rapid reconfiguration, a unique 60+ min run-dry capable main gear box for enhanced reliability, and a number of certified kits.


Mukamalah Aviation Company Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, is the first aviation company in Saudi Arabia and second in the Middle East, Mukamalah Aviation Company Limited (Mukamalah) was established in 1934 under the name of Saudi Aramco Aviation with the core mission of oil exploration through the vast Saudi desert. From its headquarters in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Mukamalah operates 49 aircraft from different fleets with the common goal of driving the business’ success. Enabling its operation, Mukamalah maintains its vast fleet all year round in its 15,000 sqm hangars In Dammam, Ras Tanura, and Tanajib. In addition to its massive fleet, Mukamalah regularly serves 18 airports throughout Saudi Arabia, nine of which are fully managed, and operated by Mukamalah, along with more than 300 helipads, both on and offshore.

PRESS RELEASE – ATLANTA, GA – Monday, March 06, 2023

The Milestone Aviation Group Limited (“Milestone”), theglobal leader in helicopter leasing, today announced it has signed lease agreements for five helicopters with Aramco.

The agreements include the placement of three Leonardo AW139 helicopters and two Airbus H145 helicopters. All five aircraft are factory new and will be deployed on critical offshoreoil and gas missions in Saudi Arabia with deliveries scheduled throughout 2023.

Milestone’s relationship with Aramco began in 2016 and the addition of these five units brings Aramco’s total helicopter fleet on lease from Milestone to 35 helicopters. Speaking at HAI Heli-Expo in Atlanta, Michael York, the Head of Emerging Markets, Milestone Aviation, said, “Aramco has pioneered offshore oil and gas helicopter operations in the Middle East for decades and we are honored to support Aramco as their trusted leasing partner, as they continue to expand and modernize their fleet.”

N861AH – Heli image of the day

Leonardo Helicopters AW139 ( c/n 31867 ) N861AH
Leonardo Helicopters AW139 ( c/n 31867 ) N861AH

Saudi Aramco‘s latest delivered Leonardo Helicopters AW139 N861AH … starting her long journey to Saudi Arabia from a very busy General Aviation Apron in Milan Malpensa, October 2019.

Leonardo Helicopters AW139 ( c/n 31851 ) N139EX

Thanks to Luigi PISANO for this unique image of the factory new Leonardo Helicopters AW139 N139EX operated by Saudi Aramco, wearing new company color scheme. On delivery via Milan Malpensa, April 2019.

Thanks to Oscar BERNARDI for this image of the Leonardo Helicopters AW139 registered I-EASM [later N139EX] while performing pre-delivery flights in Venegono (VA), March 2019.

PRESS RELEASE – 10 September 2018

Milestone Aviation and Airbus to provide five H145 helicopters to Aramco.

Dublin – 10 September 2018 – Milestone Aviation Group Limited (“Milestone”), a GECAS company and the global leader in helicopter leasing, and Airbus Helicopters announced today they will provide five H145s to Aramco Overseas Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, a fully integrated, global petroleum and chemicals enterprise. The five aircraft are sourced from Milestone’s orderbook with Airbus and are expected to be delivered to Aramco over the next twelve months. This latest lease commitment of five lighttwin aircraft will be in addition to the 24 medium aircraft Milestone currently has contracted on lease to Aramco. “Aramco’s trust in Milestone’s ability to deliver certainty of execution — coupled with our financial and technical capabilities — is greatly appreciated by our team.” said Milestone President & CEO Daniel Rosenthal. “We take pride in the fact that our long-term partnership approach to further assist Aramco with the introduction into service of their comprehensive medium and light-twin fleet renewal program now places Aramco as one of Milestone’s largest global customers.”
“We are pleased that Aramco has selected the H145 for its light-twin fleet renewal program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is a key and historic partner for Airbus and home to our subsidiary in the region,” said Airbus Helicopters CEO Bruno Even. “We also thank Milestone for enabling the introduction of the H145 to a new operator through their long-standing relationship with Aramco and their existing orderbook with Airbus. The H145’s proven technologies, availability, and cabin versatility are the perfect tools to meet Aramco’s demanding requirements as a global leader in oil and gas.” Compact in size, the H145 is the aircraft of choice for high intensity operations such as offshore oil and gas transport thanks to its large and flexible cabin, lowest maintenance costs in its class, powerful engines and Helionix digital avionics suite. More than 200 H145s have been delivered to date and have collectively achieved more than 100,000 flight hours since 2015.

PRESS RELEASE – 16 July 2018


Dublin, Ireland – July 16, 2018 – Milestone Aviation Group Limited (“Milestone”), a GECAS company and the global leader in helicopter leasing, and Leonardo today announce they have been selected to renew the medium helicopter fleet of Aramco Overseas Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco (“Aramco”) – a fully integrated, global petroleum and chemicals enterprise. Leonardo and Milestone have signed a contract for 17 Leonardo AW139 helicopters plus 4 options, and Aramco expects to take delivery of a total of 21 aircraft over the next three years, starting this year.

Aramco awarded the contract to Milestone and Leonardo through a competitively tendered process. Milestone’s financial stability, the outstanding capabilities of the modern and proven AW139 and ability of both partners to deliver were key to meeting the needs of the program. Further, Milestone’s leasing solution encompassing the entire medium fleet presented a compelling solution, enabling the energy company to invest in their operations.

Milestone is the largest owner or financier of civil Leonardo helicopters in the world, leasing its first Leonardo helicopter in 2010. Its fleet will exceed 100 Leonardo helicopters following the completion of this transaction. Milestone’s relationship with Aramco began in 2016 with the lease of three new AW139s, then the energy company’s first helicopter lease transaction.

“We appreciate Aramco’s trust in Milestone and are delighted to enable this significant fleet renewal program with a uniquely tailored operating lease solution,” said Milestone President & CEO Daniel Rosenthal. “We credit our highly productive relationship with Leonardo and their very strong family of aircraft for allowing us to meet the complex introduction into service and operating requirements of the customer.”

“We are very pleased Aramco continued to put its trust in the AW139 to meet its helicopter needs,” said Leonardo Helicopters’ Managing Director Gian Piero Cutillo. “Likewise, we thank Milestone for their collaboration on this historic transaction and their long-standing relationship as the largest owner of Leonardo helicopters in the civil segment across many mission types. We look forward to working with their highly skilled technical team to bring this large and varied fleet into service for Aramco.”

One of the largest operators of Leonardo helicopters in the Middle East, Aramco has been operating a fleet of 14 AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopters since 2008 and seven AW109 light twins since 2006, mainly to perform offshore transport missions in Saudi Arabia in support of the oil and gas industry. With these new AW139s, Aramco’s fleet renewal program ensures the operator maintains advanced technology, class leading performance, reliability, safety, versatility and cabin space. The aircraft has outstanding one engine inoperative capabilities, even in hot and high operating conditions, making it ideally suited for Aramco’s operations. The AW139 can perform a wide range of roles, and the 21 deliveries to Aramco will include oil and gas, and search and rescue (SAR) configurations.