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During the last few days four new “historical” helicopters were displayed at Volandia.

After the departure from the Museum of the crashed relic of a Siai-Marchetti SM79, on display in a desertic environment, four new helicopters appeared (in the same environment). The first sight is not very nice, since they are in very poor conditions and also surrounded by relics.

Anyway we are now able to see one of the very few built Agusta-Bell AB102 (five in total) … serial number 001 (first prototype)


the only built Elicotteri Meridionali Agusta EMA 124 I-EMAF …


the prototype of the unique Agusta A115 I-AGUC …


… and the prototype of the unique Agusta A105 (two seats version).


Some recent images from Volandia … during Easter holidays Eliossola was performing sightseeing flights out of “Volandia, Parco e Museo del Volo” with a positive success. Hopefully, this interesting heli-experience of a flight taking off from the vicinity of Milan Malpensa Airport and overflying the close Ticino River valley, will be repeated soon again.