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MM81973 / 11-16 – ITALIAN ROTORS update

Thanks to Yuri VIVALDI for this image of the newly delivered Leonardo AW139 MM81973 / 11-16 operated by Guardia Costiera … while taking off from Luni Sarzana, July 2020.


A new visitor in the Italian sky … here a couple of images of the Eurocopter EC120B Colibrì HA-NOT operated by Leier International … approaching Eurotech facility at Caiolo (SO), July 2020.

  • Honeywell Primus Epic Phase 8 software and EGPWS with offshore modes obtain EASA Certification
  • Latest standard delivers increased mission capabilities, enhanced situational awareness and reduce crew workload for safety beyond standards in all weather conditions with the introduction of synthetic vision, enhanced 2D Map, increased Navigation, wireless flight plan data loading and advanced collision avoidance for all commercial and government missions
  • The AW139 is the unmatched leader in its class with continued growth capability and outstanding market success and operational track record.

PRESS RELEASE – Rome, 17 July 2020

Leonardo announced today further enhancements for the AW139 intermediate twin engine market leader with the recently obtained EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certifications for the Honeywell Primus Epic integrated avionics Phase 8 software and the EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) optional kit with offshore modes.

The Phase 8 software release marks the introduction of an advanced Synthetic Vision System (SVS) specifically tailored for helicopter applications, improved 2D maps and wireless data loading delivering even greater all-weather capabilities and mission effectiveness for all commercial and government missions.

This latest standard increases crew situational awareness and reduces workload for operations at night or in marginal weather. The advanced Synthetic Vision System assists with navigation and landing approaches when operating within challenging terrain, oil rigs, and other demanding scenarios, which is accomplished via 3D presentation of the external scenario, including surrounding terrain, obstacles, runways and helipads within the background of the Primary Flight Display. A user-friendly 2D Interactive Navigation (INAV) feature showing the helicopter position and flight plan on a map into the MultiFunctional Display (MFD) delivers unparalleled navigation system alignment and precision with the actual flight path taking into account environmental factors. Phase 8 has also wireless connectivity embedded, providing high speed data access for flight plans transfer and maintenance data gathering from the aircraft. Additionally, Custom Approach functionality provides the capability to design, set and fly an automated approach to any user-defined location, including oil rig helidecks.

The introduction of the new EGPWS version -036, which is also available for Phase 7, perfectly complements the latest software release and enhanced navigation capabilities for safer offshore operations. This more sophisticated HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System) introduces recommendations of CAA CAP 1519 for optimal use in offshore environments, and gives pilots more time margin and earlier notifications for warning of a potential collision. This will prove to be a key enabler for recognizing and responding to unsafe conditions.

Orders for nearly 1200 units in over 70 countries have been placed by more than 280 commercial, paramilitary, and military customers worldwide and over 1050 helicopters are in service with more than 2.8

million flight hours logged in operations to date. With more than 1000 kits certified to date and continued capability growth, the AW139 remains unmatched in its’ category as the world’s most important helicopter programme in the last 15 years. The AW139 has a proven track record of outstanding mission accomplishment in the harshest conditions.

  • In view of the AW169 LUH (Light Utility Helicopter) programme which will allow the Italian Army to meet evolving operational needs and ensure more efficient fleet management with one single new generation platform, replacing a range of ageing types in different classes
  • The entire, longer term programme will deliver unique logistics, operational, technical, certification and training commonalities and synergies across the growing AW169 fleets of Government operators in Italy, for outstandingly effective and safe joint homeland security and emergency response missions
  • Two AW169 trainers will allow the operator and its crews to familiarise with the platform’s basic characteristics, supporting the transition to the new LUH programme
  • Over 220 AW169s sold to customers worldwide to date include: military, law enforcement and public service operators for utility, surveillance, special operations, maritime patrol, land reconnaissance, training, rescue and firefighting

PRESS RELEASE – Rome, 10 July 2020

Leonardo announced today the delivery of the first of two AW169 basic training twin engine helicopters to the Italian Army during an official ceremony held at the 2nd Rgt. AVES ‘Sirio’ based in Lamezia Terme in the presence of representatives from the operator and industry.

The second aircraft is expected to be handed over in the next few months.

The introduction of the new generation training helicopter (designated UH-169B) allows the Italian Army to prepare its crews for the future operational transition to its all-new advanced multirole Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) programme developed on the AW169 dual-use baseline and aimed at longer term fleet modernisation and rationalization plan. The two AW169 trainers, which will enable the Italian Army to familiarise with the platform’s basic characteristics during the development of the new LUH, are being supplied with a comprehensive “turnkey” logistical support and a pilot/maintenance technician training package.

The LUH programme is aimed at progressively replacing ageing models including the A109, AB206, AB205, AB212 and AB412 to meet the evolving operational requirements, and benefits from a more efficient supply chain based on a ‘one single platform’ approach.

The introduction of the AW169 LUH, specifically developed for the Italian Army leveraging on the AW169M military helicopter baseline, also provides the advantage of unique logistical, operational and technical, certification and training commonalities and synergies across the growing AW169 fleets of Government operators in Italy. This strengthens the possibility to perform effective and safe joint operations with other users of this modern type and represents a quantum leap in homeland security, emergency response capability and overall through-life-cycle cost/effectiveness for decades to come. The overall AW169 LUH programme is based on an advanced multirole configuration provided with dedicated flight/mission equipment including, among others, skids landing gear and an advanced C4 command, control and communication system to grant full interoperability with the other assets in the NATO environment.

Gian Piero Cutillo, Managing Director Leonardo Helicopters, said: “It gives us great pleasure to celebrate with the Italian Army the delivery of its first AW169 in basic training configuration as an essential enabler ahead of the implementation of the new, broader LUH programme. The LUH will definitely represent the start of a new era in terms of capabilities, technical support, mission flexibility and interoperability in the light weight segment. The new programme takes advantage of many decades of a successful partnership and continued exchange of information, intended to fully understand the changing operational needs and how to address them through the possibilities offered by new technologies. We’re committed to supporting the Italian Army to maximise the benefits of these new helicopters.”


Thanks to Luigi PISANO / Aviaphotos for this new picture of the Leonardo AW169 I-KLIO operated by Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia on behalf of HEMS 118 Regione Marche … resting at Ancona Hospital (AN), July 2020.


Thanks to Yuri VIVALDI for these latest images of the Airbus Helicopters H145 I-HFRT “Pegaso 1” operated by Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia on behalf of HEMS 118 Regione Toscana … taking off from Grosseto Helibase, June 2020.


Thanks to Oscar BERNARDI for this new image of the Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil I-BMMB operated by Airgreen … resting at Villanova d’Albenga – Riviera Airport (SV), July 2020.

I-NICC … un Airbus H125 d’autore, creato da Giorgio Oikonomoy per Willingfox Srl.

Dall’amicizia tra Marco de Iturbe e l’eclettico artista italo-greco Giorgio Oikonomoy nasce questo progetto fuori dai canoni tradizionali che si esprime in tutta la sua energica dinamicità.

Nel lungo e prestigioso curriculum di Giorgio Oikonomoy già nel 1997 c’è un fuori pista… guarda caso sempre ad opera di Marco, allora suo grande estimatore ed ammiratore, che ebbe l’ardire di proporre al maestro di disegnare la Ferrari F 355 con la quale avrebbe partecipato al prestigioso Challenge Monomarca del Cavallino Rampante. Pronto ad incassare un secco diniego … invece ecco nascere e crescere uno splendido progetto.

La F355 Challenge disegnata da Oikonomoy ebbe gli onori della cronaca fin dal primo istante, quando venne ”svelata” nell’esclusiva cornice dei prestigiosi saloni del Casinò de la Vallée di Saint Vincent (AO)… onori ai quali si aggiunsero, per lasciare una traccia indelebile, anche i risultati sportivi della stagione agonistica.

A distanza di quasi 25 anni, all’ammirazione nel frattempo diventata amicizia, non servì più il coraggio a Marco per proporre un altro accattivante progetto: “realizzare un design esclusivo per un elicottero Airbus H125” di un altro caro amico.

Giorgio Oikonomoy, affascinato dalla maestosità di questa macchina, accetta con il vulcanico entusiasmo che lo caratterizza ed il risultato non manca di stupire per semplicità, cromia e dinamicità. 

Eleganza, movimento ed un brillante colpo d’occhio sono i tratti distintivi della livrea esclusiva disegnata per Willingfox Srl… livrea che risveglia il ricordo di giochi d’infanzia, aeroplani di carta, aria, cielo e prospettive uniche.

La verniciatura complessa ed articolata dell’elicottero é stata realizzata, sotto l’attenta guida del Maestro, dal team di professionisti che lavorano presso la ditta specializzata BABYLO AVIATION PAINTING di Caiolo (SO).

Solo il recente lockdown, dovuto alla Pandemia di Covid-19, ha impedito, rimandandola a data più opportuna e da definirsi a breve, la presentazione ufficiale del Airbus H125 I-NICC che Willingfox organizzerà per i suoi ospiti e selezionati estimatori di queste affascinanti macchine.

Noi ci saremo per rendervi  partecipi di un’emozione che lascerà il suo segno nell’aria…

Attualmente l’elicottero ha iniziato la sua attività in gestione alla società Star Work Sky di Strevi (AL) e sta effettuando servizio A.I.B. (Anti Incendio Boschivo) per conto della Regione Sardegna.

Giorgio OIKONOMOY – note biografiche

L’attività artistica di Giorgio Oikonomoy ( nato ad Atene nel 1947 ) inizia negli anni ’65-’70, congiuntamente con gli studi presso l’Università di Firenze, dove si laurea in architettura con il massimo dei voti e lode.

Il suo percorso pittorico é caratterizzato dalla costante ricerca della luce, che imprime con personalissima e sapiente tecnica su tela.

Identificato ed apprezzato dalla critica e dai collezionisti, é presente in importanti esposizioni e manifestazioni nazionali ed internazionali.

Pittore, scultore, grafico, incisore, designer, architetto … ecco alcune delle sue date/eventi più significativi:

  • ’77 vince il premio Albisola Estate ’77 per la ceramica
  • ’82 Stoccarda Galleria d’Arte Agostino esposizione personale di pittura
  • ’83 realizza il monumento bronzeo “Per la Pace” collocato nel centro storico della Città di San Marino, realizza i francobolli per ”Anno Internazionale della Gioventù”
  • ’89 realizza la più grande vetrata esistente in Europa, presso la chiesa di Santa Maria e San Giustino a Montessignano in Genova
  • ’90 progetta i padiglioni per ‘Italiana Petroli in occasione del Salone Nautico di Genova, inventando  titolazione, contenuto e progettando il contenitore. Così il padiglione “La scia di porpora”, “ATLANTICOTRANSATLANTICO”, “Il Mito, la Memoria”, Max per Max Biagi. Progettazione della manifestazione Navale Internazionale “Poseidonia” a Pireo in Grecia.
  • ’92 sue composizioni grafiche rivestono i bus di linea della città di Genova, in occasione delle Colombiae, descrivendo storie, personaggi e cultura della città. Inoltre realizza il padiglione della Grecia nel porto antico di Genova per le Colombiane, come quello dello della Regione Liguria a Siviglia. Suo anche il Padiglione presso la Fiera di Genova per i 150° della Repubblica Italiana.
  • ’95 espone ad Abu Dhabi e realizza i ritratti del presidente degli Emirati Sceicco Zaid Abu Najad
  • ’97 disegna per la prima volta la livrea di una vettura Granturismo: è una Ferrari F 355 Challenge partecipante all’omonimo trofeo monomarca del Cavallino
  • ’98 firma la grande scultura in gres maiolicato “Giannina Gaslini” presso l’omonimo ospedale pediatrico, inaugurata dal Presidente della Repubblica Italiana Oscar Luigi Scalfaro
  • ’00 Francoforte, su invito della CEE, disegna la proposta delle due facce dell’EURO
  • ’04 in occasione delle Olimpiadi di Atene, coniuga il Classicismo Greco con il Barocco Genovese in una Mostra Personale … voluta ad Atene, a Venezia presso la Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista e, succesivemente, a Napoli presso Castel Dell’Ovo.
  • ’09 in occasione dell’incontro Internazionale del VIP a Praga, consegna una sua scultura appositamente realizzata al Dalai Lama, in presenza delle massime autorità ceche. Inoltre, in occasione della visita del Papa Benedetto XVI a Genova, realizza il suo ritratto. Nominato Artista dell’UNICEF.
  • ’13 Realizza una Mostra Personale presso la chiesa del Santo Sepolcro – Biblioteca Ambrosiana a Milano. Mostra promossa dal Sacro Militare Ordine Costantiniano di San Giorgio, Real Commissione per l’Italia e dal Collegio dei Dottori dell’Ambrosiana.

PRESS RELEASE – Marignane, 15 July 2020

Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) has won a new order for its latest ACH160 helicopter, announced just days after the H160 achieved certification.

This new order, placed by an experienced Italian operator for use on private and corporate flights mainly inside Italy, means the ACH160 has been ordered by customers in eight countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, China and South-East Asia.

The client, an existing ACH twin-engined helicopter operator, has specified a customised interior configured for six passengers.

The ACH160 is the premium version of the new H160 helicopter which was certified by EASA on 1 July ready for deliveries to private and business customers commencing later this year. It is the latest member of the ACH family and the most technologically advanced helicopter in its class.

As well as its range of stylish interiors including bespoke solutions, the ACH160 offers a smooth and quiet ride allied to the Helionix advanced digital avionics system ensuring carefree handling and the highest level of safety.

Frederic Lemos, Head of ACH, said: “This new order from a highly knowledgeable ACH customer is yet more evidence of the strong welcome being received by the ACH160 in this demanding sector even at a notably challenging time for the helicopter market.”

The full ACH helicopter range consists of the ACH125, ACH130, ACH135, ACH145, ACH160 and ACH175 variants of Airbus Helicopters’ comprehensive and market-leading family of light and medium models. A range of premium-design aircraft completions, including bespoke designs, is available for all models.